BMS for 10s LithiumIon-Batterypack Samsung 25R

Hello Guys, (@TranxFu) I know it’s one more topic about BmS but I must say I don’t really find good informations about them… Some say do it like that, other so it like this…

Maybe you have link to good beginner guide?

If not… I planning to do an 10s3p (98€ 7,5ah) or 10s4p (120€ 10ah) pack with 25R’s. And I am looking for a good BMS. I saw one I would say it is OK?..

Because some say when you don’t have enough discharge current you must bypass the discharge line. But there is 60amps so I could use it like it’s planned to be? For charge and discharge? Or do you recommend another one?

That’s was the first point…

Second is, how do I charge? With 36v 38v 42v? And can I use ANY Supply that matches the voltage?

Hope u understand what I mean because I am no native speaker :slight_smile:


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Idk about that board itself but 10s3p will add up to 60a and 10s4p will add up to 80a. But under normal conditions you’ll never reach those amps. So I’d say for 10s3p this’ll be more than enough and for the 10s4p idk. I know that longhaired boy uses 60a in his builds with 10s4p battery packs.


I built myself a 10S3P with 25Rs and do not have a BMS. I just charge them with a 41V endvoltage charger. Works fine so far. With 18650 a BMS is not crucial to have since they are not as “high maintenance” as Lipos

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Thanks both of you. What end charger do you use?

Maybe i could do that for a while and the go for a bms. But I think it sounds good the 60a one.

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