BMS in enclosure

I’m at the point of starting to lay out my enclosure. I have a good idea of where everything is set to go, but I’m wondering how to pack the bms. Do you shrink wrap it or free air for cooling? Do you fasten it to the enclosure/board or just nestle it in with some nice EVA foam? If anybody would care to chime in I’d find this very helpful. Pics are super cool too if you’re feeling saucy… Apologies if this is addressed somewhere else, i failed at locating it.

I typically heat shrink mine to the top of the pack, but if space is an issue you can mount the BMS on a pice of ABS in front I’d the pack and still heat shrink it.

Ok so heat shrink won’t mess with the cooling of it? My enclosure is sleek. So it’ll have to be beside it. Do you fasten the ABS to the board and/or enclosure? Or just pack foam around to prevent vibration damage?

You could slide some sheet abs slightly into the pack (as wide or narrower than the pack), poking out the wire end then shrink that and the batteries, that holds it in place and kinda extends the pack shape. Then shrink the BMS to that abs poking out.

Alternatively you could have it completely separate and just joined to the pack by its wires… (Flexible like).

Oooooh i LIKE that. Thats a great idea. Thanks man!

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