BMS keeps shutting off


I just finished changing my bypassed bms to a 60A bms (bestech d596). When i started the testing it suddenly stopped working. I had just calibrated the motors and accelerated without standing on it. (Wheels up) My unity was also set to max 60A.

Now i can’t get the bms working again. I disconnected the power leads and turned the e-switch off and on but it won’t work. I tried to make it work without the power connected and instead just measure the voltage with a multimeter but i only get constant 10V and 40V for a second each time.

I checked the bms and wiring for faults but i can’t find any. Also when i keep pushing the unity’s power button while turning on the bms it works but i hear a clicking sound coming from the battery. (Not quite like a spark sound)

Same problem here, also the area just besides the connection of the switch on the bottom pcb gets really hot… I left it connected to my battery pack while I was waiting for a last component for a month and it also drained my pack to a dangerously low voltage. (nothing else was connected) Not exactly what you would expect a BMS to do.

Could somebody help or have you found the problem @TomBE ?

Nope. Gave up on the whole diy electric board things. Too much problems with too many unreliable motherboards and bms’s.

Then i also realised that skating in my neighbourhood was pretty dangerous. Especially at high speed. Our pavements are not really flat and the bicycle lanes are mostly on the side of the road next to cars driving at 70km/h and they also aren’t that flat either. So i’m partly quiting the electric board scene.

However i recently bought a Koowheel second handed for €150 with two batteries. Just in case i wanna ride again sometimes. €150 for a board i barely use is better than the €500 i might have to spend to get my unreliable diy board working again.

Sorry for the (what’s the opposite of peptalk?). :woozy_face:

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no problem man, thanks for responding anyways! If anybody thinks he has a solution for this problem or knows what causes it, please let me know :slight_smile: