Bms on multiple lipos

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the battery for my board, and Ive decided on using lipo batteries. I plan on using my board to get around campus at college. So if I’m not at home, I want to be able to easily plug it in to charge it. I want to run 3 separate 4 cell batteries in series for a 12s battery (I also want to have fun with this board, so I want some power). Is there a way I could use a 12s bms and wire all of the charging to one port that I could just plug in?

Yes you can. Im using a 10s with an 80A bms for charging and discharging.

How would I wire it?

Well you can either buy a cheap bms and bypass it or buy a bms that is capable of taking discharge. There are lots of forums on bypassing and for 12s all you need to do is add the extra balance wires. They all wire the same

I plan on just bypassing it. When wiring to the bms, each pack has 5 balancing leads, what do I do with the negative on each balancing cable? Would I just ignore them on two of the packs? Or do I connect all of them to the ground on the bms?

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A time ago I made this schematic for a guy here. (10s)

Thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for

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Do I need a special bms for lipos?

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If you gonna bypass not necessary

this question along with your original question is almost asked weekly. please use the search button

I wasn’t able to find anything concerning this

I will be using 3 x 12s1p graphene lipos on a Bestech charge only D140 BMS (hopefully soon). I wouldn’t limit/constrain the amps from the lipos.