Bms questions how much amp

Hey guys I have two motors each runnin on 45-50 amp so do I need a 90A - 100A bms ?

Yes. Or limit your bat max in each vesc

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thanks, do oyu think this one is enough?

it´s for lifepo cells, you have them?

yes, but isnt there a cheaper way like a bms just for charging the lipos or am I wrong?:smiley:

so you have lipos? You can charge them with a balance charger, so no bms needed. you can charge them with a charge only bms. I use a 100A fuse as back up instead of a ´bms for discharge. if you don´t need the e-swicth on the bms than that´s an option too. just depends on what you want and need.

yeah Iam charging them with a balance charger atm, but its anoying to open everything and connect everything and so on. Ive got an extra module for on/off switch so I think a charge only bms would be perfect. So I dont have to look for 100A bms right? Maybe sth like that? (

theoretically yes. but still didn´t get if you use lipos or lifepo4 cells. you wrote lipos but the linked bms is for lifepo4 cells.

I´ll go in future with a charge only bluetoothe bms. It´s not much more expensive, but I can check each cells voltage via app and set the charge and blance volatage 0,1V under 100% full. with it I don´t overcharge the packs when i start driving with charged packs.

Oh sounds interesting I ll take a look about it.

have a look for smart bms on aliexpress or idk maybe also ebay. i have seen people here already use them, but unfortunatelly i don´t remember who it was

Edit: I will get this one soon