BMS recommondation for 12s Battery (Germany)

Hey there, just wanted to ask as the topic says if you guys can recommend me a BMS. For what Max. Continuing Discharge Current do i have to look?


Do you want to use the bms as a charge only bms or do you want to use it to run discharge and charge through?

That depends on the output of the battery pack. A 12s3p can discharge less than a 12s4-5p.

what do u guys recommend, charge only or charge and discharge? besides what are the pros and cons?

I wanna build a 12s4p battery


would be awsome

thanks its a charge and discharge BMS isn´t it ? What does it mean when it says it has an E-Switch?

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Yes it’s both for charging and discharging! The e-switch replaces your usual on and off button. image

sweet, so I don´t need something like this anymore do I?

No but for charging the switch must be in ON position

Is there any impact to the batteries or any other component when charging with the board on?

Everyone with a BMS with built-in E-Switch charges like that and I’ve never heard about a failure due to this so it should be safe.


Oh I see so its usually separate switches that fail in builds that I read about I’m guessing?

Yes exactly! I’ve never had any problems with my eswitch!

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Nice, you’re using the Bestech 12s 80A BMS that you linked above I’m assuming? :smile:

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Yes :blush:


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Alright great! Thats just what is going to be used for the battery pack I’m getting! :smile:

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Hey! I was just wondering does the Bestech BMS work for Li-Po batteries? Is is just a matter of plugging the charging cables into the BMS directly? Its my first build so any help would be appreciated. Its a 12S battery. Also does this BMS come with a charging cable?

Bms is factory set with specific battery type. When you order it, you should specify if it’s for liion or lipo. Also you can ask for specific values for cuttoff voltages.

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