BMS Wiring Clarification

Hi Guys

I just have a couple of questions before wiring up my 12S4P Battery to my BMS.

So this is the BMS I’m using from

So from the diagram.

I know I have to connect my Negative wire from the end of my pack to the B- on the BMS I have to connect the negative lead from the charge port to the P-.

So then I’m left with the positive wire, that goes to the anti spark.

My question is do I run a negative lead from P- to the antispark as well?

And N- remains unused?


N- remains unused. P- and battery plus both go to the charge port and to the antispark. Minimum 12guage for the power connection and maybe something a bit smaller for the charge port connections.

Cheers dude.

Your welcome. The only thing I would add is to check and double check the balance wire voltages to make sure they are in the right order. All the best :+1:


Yep, will test. cheers

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Ok so balance wire voltages spit on. Have wired the negative from the battery to the BMS B-. And wired the charge port negative to the P-, with a negative wire that will connect to the antispark. It’s ok to put the charge and he blows wires into the same bms P-?

*the charge and the load wires

It’s ok to have charge and load on the same P-. But only negative. Your photo shows a small black and red along with the large black load wire.

No, I’ve made sure only negative on the P-

Hooked all up.

It’s alive!