BMS Wiring Help needed

Hi guys,

So i need some help wiring a switch to my BMS,

I have purchased the Neptune Lite Smart BMS, its for 13 S but has a 12S converter aswell, i will be using 12S.

This is the schematic from the website: image

And this is the PDF file:

Some questions:

I will be connecting this BMS to dual Focboxes, do i need to buy an Anti Spark Switch? or do i need to just buy the switch? since it has the switch connector port on the BMS.

Where would i connect the charge port on the BMS?

Thank you

That smart bms is specific for ebikes. I guess it can work for esk8 too. Check endless sphere. Tons of comments about it.

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Yea mate you are right, another member here has used it for 12S lacroix diy build also and works fine. I messaged him about it.

I think you may need one.

I don’t think such a small bms can handle the discharge current.

Is rated for 59 amps. It has some reputation at endless sphere. I think the discharge could be legit.

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thats really good. was looking into it for my 13s build…