Bms wiring help!

Hi, This is how I have wired my BMS up to my batteries. I have two 3S LiPo batteries wired in series connected to this BMS. After charing it using this setup Battery 2 (B2) was at 12.4V and Battery 1 (B1) was at 11.6V. Can anyone help with the wiring please. Thanks BMS%20smaller

If you are wiring your bms for bypass, leave both negative balance wires unattached. Then, take the battery that supplies the negative wire to the VESC, and hold the balance plug in your hand so that the negative balance wire is facing right. The next wire to the left is your 1, then the next one left of 1 is 2, and so on. On your second battery, the wire left on negative is 4. As for the rest of your wiring you are good.

I don’t entirely understand what you are saying for the negative balance wires. I have just realised that the diagram has the main positive and negative in on the wrong battery. Do you think you could draw something really quickly up for me. Thanks so much