BMS wiring power connector issue

Hello Everyone, awhile back i got a BMS from Bestech and all the components to put it together over the winter. What I realized is the connector on the charger is different than the one that connects to the BMS. I was wondering if anyone knew the correct connector for me to use to make it compatible along with how to wire a new plug on the end? Think it might be a 3 pin XLR but not sure.

Here are some pictures. The charger is on the right and i would prefer not to change that if all possible.

I think I have same power plug and socket

See if this one works for you. What I have done is bough a pair - female and male version of above and changed the one supplied with my charger. Easy!

Pretty sure the charger one is a gx-16 3pin if you want to change the port instead of the one in the charger :+1:t2: Theyre on ebay

Also nice cover for the gx-16

You can also get a rubber one