BMS wiring questions

Hi, I’m using an external BMS from my board. I think I add a nano fuse on each of my balancing son in case of short circuit of my external port. I know that normally the wires are fine and must behave like fuses but I prefer a clean break using dedicated component (I will take 2A). Here are my two questions: What is it best to connect the balancing wires first and then the power cables or the opposite? for now I connect the power cable first.

Second question: if I connect my BMS when one of the balancing cables is cut (the fuse jumped for example), will the BMS handle the situation?

I always connect the balancing wires first, however I don’t think it matters much.

If one of the wires is cut it will just stop balancing that pack, no risks involved unless the cutted wire is touching positive or negative of other cells.

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Thank you for your answer. I have not found any reliable information on the subject, even if in the case of lipo charger, obviously it is better to put the power cable first (but I did the opposite and I never had problems …)