Bms wiring with no (-c) charge port

hey guys! im having trouble with the bms. bms: why is there no charge port? (-c). also, there are 2 wire coming out from both p- and b- and i dont know where they should go. please see my diagram and check for problems

thank you very much

Charge is P-

It’s explained in the schematic of the page

Your schematic looks good, though I think you’re suppose to join one of the balance leads from each pack since its in series.

but in my diagram there is one wire that comes out from b- and is connected to nothing

Just unsolder it, or join it to B- for redundancy and bandwidth

what is the balance leads?

Well you should have 7 balance leads per lipo pack, not 6. 6 should go to each pack’s cell positive and one should go to cell negative. You’ll have to join the balance leads that represent the same S cell.

does this have 7 wires?

That has 5 since it’s 4s, you drew 6s on your schematic

thats a mistake… this is the battery

Yea that should have 7

so where do i connect the other 2 wires? the bms only have 12 of these