Boa Constrictor - Black?

Hello all :smile:

Just wondering does anyone know if Boa are going to bring out some wheels in black? I’ve got Kegels at the moment and want a straight swap. Only issue is I want black wheels not white or red!

From what I heard the black pigments cause the wheel formula to deteriorate more quickly so they decided not to make black.


Yes they categorically said no black with the current formula


Oh right! I didn’t know that a colour would cause an issue!

Well I guess red isn’t so bad. Now it’s a case of when they’re back in stock!

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You can get the white ones and dye it


Popocas are 90mm wheels from @OllinBoardCompany

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Too much like hard work :laughing:

@bigben do they work with the kegel pulleys (not checked them out yet)?

Edit: just checked, yes they do! I remember looking at these a while back

I have both the popcoa and the boas. I did love the popcoa, but… With the sidewalks and roads in my area the extra diameter really really helps. The popcoas feel so nice, the boas are also extremely durable, have a wider contact patch, and feel just as good as the popcoas if not better.

Either way, these wheels are way above my Flywheels.

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Thank you for the review. I like the idea that the Boas are 100mm. I want the higher top speed so a large wheel will help.

Either way, I’ll weigh things up. The popcoa wheels are cheap so it might be worth while giving them a shot especially as the Boas are out of stock.

Does anyone work for Boa on this forum by chance?


The Red’s are in stock and we have the white coming back into stock once they get to the warehouse.

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And train yourself on the Kegel to be sure :wink: :smile:

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