Boa wheels disappeared from market!

Who the fuck waits six months for a set of wheels? Wheels? Shit firm. Move on.


Well if I really want something. I can wait.

Honestly we’re a drop in the esk8 ocean and boosted bois are where the money comes from, we’re also noisy, hard to please and too smart for our own good. I’m not surprised we don’t get updated :man_shrugging:

Just to clarify… that doesn’t make us wrong.


Fully agree and we are too forgiving. We allow suppliers far too much leeway because its what we want on our pride and joy but jesus christ almighty waiting that long for wheels is unacceptable. These companies get away with this crap because of the custom nature of our builds and the particular tastes of the builders. We need to stop being so picky and kick these wankers into touch. Company can’t supply? Go to one that can. @Winfly Want white wheels? Buy the evolve. They’ll get them to you asap. Supply chain. Not rocket science.


Bruh I already have them coming :wink:

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Like your new title btw


Rekt’d :100:

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I was just digging around the pizza thread and and I guess I picked up an pineapple instead.

The new Evolve 97 are great. But we still need an 100mm Kegel option. I can get Lofty Kenna to make 100mm Boosted formula wheels. Not 100% sure of the quality and min qty is a bit high. Otherwise I have to pay for mold fee for small qty.


This is preferable, those wheels are fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine (for the price). Just need to get the inside edge beveled.


It will be a new mold. So we can do anything basically. Yeah all I have heard so far is the inside edge chucks.

You know you have a slight wheel problem don’t you? :laughing: Bevelling wheels is easy peasy. The lofty wheels are good are they?

We are not that hard to please.

Transparency goes a long way with people.

I have been involved in many hobbies, some bigger and some smaller than esk8.

There are manufacturers that take years to deliver a product, yet there is less wining from the customers because they have been upfront with them from the beginning and they had an actual business plan.

Unfortunately for every proper businessman there are ten that are just winging it, especially in this industry.

Making a successful product run on something like a wheel is not that difficult.

Assess the market (quantity, price competition etc)
Design the product
Make the prototype
Set a price with a markup that will allow you to a) be a viable business and b) be competitive
Get pre-orders
Use the money to start production
Deliver the product
Use the profits for the next production without the need for pre-orders.

If you can’t do that, then you are doing something seriously wrong and should not be in business.


I’m very transparent that I picked my tropical pineapple from a tree. Is that good enough for me to sell my pineapples.

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FTFY. This is extremely abnormal and wouldn’t be tolerated anywhere else.

If the company does not have inventory in-stock and ready to ship today, then you should think twice before sending money. That applies to all things, including esk8 things.


I’ve been trying to get my refund for the pass month and still waiting…

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I am talking about actual manufacturers not esk8 companies that outsource to manufacturers.

Try going to a pipemill and place an order for 20km of 24" ERW pipe without making a huge deposit. Or not fulfilling payment after that order has been completed and try to place another order.

every time i really like something it goes away.

this is all my fault. I’m sorry.

i’ll hate everything from now on, don’t worry.


Can you hate my dad?


Labeda doesn’t make or ship wheels without payment. All our production with them has been paid upfront out of pocket and not with pre orders.

We have been ramping up production on both our wheels and the 90mm required some changes. We have placed an order and paid for 1000 sets of each of our wheels so we have sufficient stock for our store and for our retailers.

We expect to start having stock available towards the end of June.