Boa wheels disappeared from market!

What suddenly happened to the boa wheels? I was planning to pick me up a set of 90mm or 100mm (still deciding) and as a surprise didn’t find any of them anywhere, on their website didn’t find neither and on other websites I can only find the 100mm and on all of the websites they are out of stock. Is it possible that they stopped producing them or what happened?

Still waiting 6-8weeks for the white boas I bought black Friday. :slight_smile:


Can’t u contact them to get a refund?

I remember someone bringing this up recently on a thread and they replied. Seems like poor planning but they just ran out of stock and they have more wheels being made but it is taking a long time clearly. Such a bummer because I really want a set for my lofty direct drives. Hopefully they can get their shit together

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@captainjez any comments?

OMG FOR REAL??? ME TOO I WAS PLANNING TO GET THE LOFTYS AND THE 100MM BOAS :joy: :ok_hand: What’s the setup you are planning for? Would love to compare it to what I have planned

Don’t wanna derail the thread too much. Was going to do lofty drives, unity, 10s3p batt, 100-110mm wheels all on a jet spud. I need a small board in my fleet. I have a Psychotiller stealth 18 enclosure sitting around that would be perfect for it too.

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Still very much around. We’re scaling up production with Labeda who are incredibly busy at the moment. New stock of everything and some new things coming.


Not stirring up anything by any means. I know planning ahead can be difficult sometimes, but I feel like you owe something to the people that have been waiting on an order for half a year. By now all those people have already had to find different wheels for their builds, or have been set back riding for 6 months.


I’ll stir then.

You have one product and it’s not in stock, interesting business model.


can we get an eta on when you’ll have 100mm boa wheels in stock?

We offered those waiting a refund or a swap of wheels in stock.

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Yes because they sold out. We’re making more.

Calm thy digital tits.


A lot of people had posted that they hadn’t heard anything at all, so that’s why I mentioned it.

Oh thats not fair. They do have a complete too. Oh wait a minute…


Lol not to stir but I still want my white boas. I have ask in December, January, March, April. Customer support said. A few more weeks or 6-8 more weeks for new batch everytime. And god damn I don’t want a refund I want them wheels. Can you just tell us when exactly is lebeda starting your batch? And there’s at least 6-8 weeks after that for those to cure.


Most manufacturers need to get paid for previous orders and get deposits for new ones before starting production.

I find it interesting that another company has designed a new wheel, taken pre-orders and delivered them in less time than Jed has been trying to re-stock their BOAs


Yeah I have that feeling too but notv100% sure. Torqueboard 110 definitely came from lebeda and they are pumping them out quick.

All I want is a honest date. If it will come out in December I don’t care I’ll wait. Just stop giving that 6-8 weeks BS. Ppl need to know it to plan their build.

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It sounds as if you don’t know how this industry works. :rofl: