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Hey Community,

So I finally finished by first build, and everything was good for the most part. The only thing I wasnt satisfied with was vibrations from the road. I live in NYC, and I’m using Cauguama Wheels. (Sure I spelled that wrong). My interest is in the BoA wheels. Why are these wheels not in stock anywhere?

check out this thread, seems like they reallyjust disappeared.

I’d go with the TB 110mm wheels, they’re massive and heard they’re really cushy.


Can confirm, TB110 are really good. And I believe they are in stock.


I was thinking of getting one myself, what gearing do you run with them?

16/36 for now but it’s too high. I run single drive so it’s a bit hard on it. Although it still runs perfectly fine (I can start from a stop without stuttering and go to speeds I will probably will never go to), it clearly lacks a bit of torque. I ordered a 15t motor pulley, hopefully it’ll improve it, at least a bit. If it’s not enough, I’ll try a 14t. I was looking at a 40t wheel pulley but I can get 2 or 3 motor pulley for the price so…

Hm okay, I’ll be running a 15/36 too (but dual), let me know how it feels on the 110mm wheels.

Tried the beta 110s, I was surprised how much difference 3mm in size made compared to 107mm flywheels, I guess it has to be the smaller core or super wide contact patch, but the 110s are on the way to pneumatic comfort, but urethane, imo. Really nice wheels! :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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My concern with over 100mm wheels is my bag. I have the Hoyt Street bag for my DIY build, and it barely fits with the 85mm wheels (Mainly because my risers are huge for motor clearance).