Board Carrying Bag

Hey Everyone!

I was wondering what kind of interest there would be in a carrying bag for your boards. I was talking to my friend who does bag design and who started their own company.

I asked her to make me a bag for my board, she was wondering if this would be something others may also want.

We haven’t started the design but i wanted everyone’s opinion on it. Personally I would like a bag that can either fold super small and put a small compartment on the board to hold it. Or convert from board bag to backpack.

The purpose of the bag for me is to protect it from the rain. This way i could ride on overcast days or days with rain starting late in the day.

Please let me know if this is something you might buy if so what kind of price you think would be good and any features you would like to see in it.


Depending on price, carrying weight and a couple other things… I would buy. I think most of us here would use it for when we go inside somewhere and we have to carry it. especially for peeps with heavy boards like me

I think most people would be more interested in a backpack that you can strap your board to.

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I’d be interested in a bag that can carry a board but only if met certain criteria - it has to be high quality (plastic zippers void this), most weight needs to be carried on my waist and not shoulders, and it has to to fit most boards, not a certain specific one. Oh, and not trying to sell me a church on the order page.

yup. definetly

like strap to the outside like a normal skateboard backpack or straps to secure it on the inside of the bag?

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straps to secure to outside. that way there would be “no” limits on length

Of course high quality for the waterproofing aspect

That would be nice for carrying but it would offer no protection. depending on the design it could either be made in varying sizes if there is interest or made expandable similar to luggage extension. Or made large enough to fit the majority of boards.

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I’d be more interested in nice one shoulder padded sling with truck mouted quick disconnect

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like just a strap that connects on the ends to the trucks?

i found snowboard bag is easy solution.

yeah i have looked i haven’t found one that would fit for a decent price.

I found under $50 on amazon or ebay. fully paded ver will be expensive of course

could you send a link? cause if there is something good on the market no point to making one haha.

u lazy ass XD

I think u can easily make into bagpack style. just some more straps

or this


Strap that connects to the trucks but can be worn as a belt while riding. Could probably make a poncho into the shoulder pad to make it water proof(similar to the backpack ponchos on some high end backpacks)

My biggest issue is carrying the board… A sling with built in long board shape poncho that can be worn as a belt while riding…light weight, and not “obtrusive” for when you just need to carry the board for the 85% of good weather…board bag just seems like to much all the time… Just my opinion. I don’t like riding with backpacks.

This could be useful on a nice day. It hooks on your backpack.

Deck hook would kill my shoulders.