Board for street/light AT use


Have been reading up on here and looking to build a board mainly for street use but also have the option of light AT use.

Came across this board on eBay with small AT wheels. Wheels look ideal for street and AT use, seems very cheap though so not sure on quality of parts.

Anyone else had experience with this board ?

Budget wise?

I have a budget of around ÂŁ1000 without batteries

@Hummie deck @bigben enclosure Surfrodz rkp 200mm @psychotiller mounts Sixshooters/Bergemeister’s Unity/focbox


50F92C24-A9C3-48AC-BB4A-26E56F32B0E7 IMG_5189 IMG_5191 Like this.IMG_5677 IMG_5501


What he said but plus the motors from @psychotiller as well


You can also look at the 2 in 1 kit by Haggyboard :wink: :+1: Then add your deck and ESC (and battery).


You could look up what haggy has to offer

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Forget it! 2 years ago I was dumb enough to order exactly this board with the amazing offroad wheels for esk8. If you like to go downhill without foot or motor braking this wheels are perfect. They act like brakes and I had to push the board down the hill to avoid stand still. Fortunately I tested the board before building.

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110mm polyurethane wheels are better on the street and can handle some light AT use. I think you want a street board.

The other day the entire sidewalk was full of people and the street had issues (juggling was happening) so I just went through the grass over to the next block, no problem at all.

I wouldn’t use that if my primary use was AT, but in a pinch, it’s fine.

brilliant design btw, 10/10


This post is having me triggered… I might have to look hummie up for a 3rd one.

Can you add a belly shot to the post?


Some belly shots added. (Double and single stack)


Is the six shooter build doublestack, and if so, any clearance issues?

No it was a single stack. Because of the hummie deck cutout it would only protrudes like a single stack enclosure on a regular build. About 12mm more than the one in the photo.


I’m thinking double stack for the amps for the pneumies, and maybe topmount for clearance…

Hmmmm… Should be able to fit 80 cells for 10s8p (zomg) 13s5p, or 12s5p and dual unities I’m thinking… Still sleek but heavy as hell.