Board goes full throttle after turning mini remote off

Hi guys, I just swapped out the remote on my raptor 2 to a mini remote, did the binding and calibration on bldc tool and adjusted the trim. Now whenever I turn off the remote the board would run at full throttle until I turn the remote back on or turn off the board. Any advice? Thanks

Did you do a search?

I saw a thread about unplugging something before I turn it off but I don’t have the plug with me

I found the plug, but now the remote won’t bind after plugging the binding plug into ch 4

You need to press the bind button before you turn the remote on. After you get it to bind, you need to calibrate the remote in the vesc(assuming you are using one) tool.

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Redo the whole process. Plus fail safe

Bind the remote Pull out the bind key Setup VESCs Bind the remote a second time Pull out bind key

Now test fail safe on bench. Give a little throttle, as it’s moving turn off the remote to see if the board goes full throttle

Anyone else. Correct me if I’m wrong


Thanks for the help guys, it works perfect now!

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