Board goes into "limp mode". Help!

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently (about 1 month ago) upgraded my battery to a 12s6p setup. I’m still running single drive but will be upgrading to dual drive soon. I’m using the enertion focbox at the moment.

I’ve got everything set within the limitations of the focbox but sometimes, when I’m going up hill, the board will decide to go into some kind of limp mode. It never did this before.

I’m not entirely sure where to look. I did see that people have changed the phase wires from 14awg to 12awg but I can’t imagine that would be the issue? It’s an odd one for sure.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dan

With a single motor there is a big chance you are reaching the temperature limits on your vesc and/or motor.

What are the temperatures you are getting when this happens and what are your settings?


I thought it could be due to the temperature aswell. Sadly I can’t get any data on it because for some reason my Ackmanick app doesn’t work no matter that baudrate I set. The module works because I can connect to it, but the app won’t give me any data :-1:

I guess it also doesn’t help that I’m running 125mm wheels with 44-15t ratio!

I can’t remember specifically but I think my settings are 45a batt max and 65-75a motor max

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I am 99% sure it is just the temperature throttling.

My board does the same with 2 x focboxes and 6374 and a lot lower gearing but I live in a very hilly area. With one motor it would overheat in less than a minute.


So basically what you’re telling me is that I should make some orders and finally get a dual system? :wink:

Tbh I’m 99% sure its temperatures aswell. If I can find a cheap focbox then I’ll do the conversion for sure. It’s annoying because I’ve got a “dead” focbox spare but I don’t know the first thing about trying to repair it. Or if it’s even worth messing around with!

Yeap. However, just in case I would try and investigate the matter further (change firmware so you can see telemetry?)

I’ve got everything set to have PPM and UART. Is there something else I should be looking at in order to get the Bluetooth working properly?

Come to think of it, the lack of Bluetooth started when I used the new VESC Project tool to set up a new FOCBOX. It had some weird recommendations etc like 100a bat max etc so maybe the program has turned something off which is preventing the BT from working?

The ackmaniac app is not compatible with the new firmware. I would use the mobile vesc tool but I am not sure it is compatible with non nrf modules

This would explain it then!

Would be interesting to know if the vesc tool works with non-nrf modules. Fairly sure it doesn’t, but would be good to know

@Ackmaniac will the app be updated to work with the new firmware?

I think your focbox is overheating.

Same thing would happen on my rspec drive kit, after a while of riding (10~ minutes) stop and go, my board would go into limp mode.

As said, its probably heat issues. When you go dual drive get the lowest kv motors you can to get your desired speed. It will help alot with heat

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I just skimmed through.

What are you upgrading from (battery wise)? Board components?

Definitely the temperature, I run a single motor aswell on a steep long hill the vesc temp reaches about 80 degrees celsius (measured with metr pro) and then the boards starts to lose power.

Did you try touching the motor and seeing if it was hot?

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It’s usually the vesc overheating and not the motor lol

@MrDGOrman You need a Focbox? I have a couple, can sell you one for $100

How are you so sure about that?


I’ve been rage posting on Instagram specifically about hot motors that put me in limp mode.

Obvs I could change the neuter mode threshold.

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Yeah I’m quite intrigued to know why so emphatic a reply with a little ridicule chucked in there for good measure? Please enlighten us.