Board is slightly curved, how to make enclosure

I do not worry about that, since I work in huge hangars/ or just a roof over my head ( no walls ), its the cheapest option out there, if you worry about the fumes go with other stuff, one small box made out of polyester wont kill you tho

i built my first three boxes out of it, and several other things. It definitely does the job, but yeah, use it outside. Yuk.

I think your missing the point. Most people have to work in a sealed garage or basement, not a warehouse

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Open the door maybe, you are in there for 20min tops, then just leave it outside to dry, for your annoying neighbors to smell

@longhairedboy, I don’t know what u mean with the cardboard thing. @grecoman how would I do your way?

outside on a sunny day works. Did that a couple of times. Also you can get respirators.

Not to tip my foil hat, but 3M makes that shit smell bad on purpose then sells you their respirators so you don’t have to smell it. Kind of genius actually, in a pathological kind of way.

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balance a ruler or something else rigid on the bottom of of the deck then use a caliper to measure the distance between the edge of you deck and the ruler

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Meaning measure it upwards toward the ruler or straight

measure from the deck up to the ruler

From both sides? Then where is the 3rd point

the middle of your deck?

Would someone mind making me a design of the enclosure with these dimensions and then when I get home I will adjust the lip and stuff? Batteries Dimensions (LxWxH)- 5.60"x2.15"x2" Vesc Dimensions (LxWxH)- 5.25"x2"x1" I need 2 separate enclosures 1 for batteries and 1 for vesc… the batteries enclosure needs to have 2 holes for xt60 to come out of and one hole in vesc enclosure for the vesc xt60 to come out of.

i’ll do it for $10 :joy:

So basically what your saying is, balance ruler across width of deck. Measure from both edges up to the ruler or do you mean up to the middle of the deck where the ruler is flat??

You’ll print the enclosure for me too?:joy:

measure where the arrows are.

the three dots are where your points will be

Sorry for all the noob questions but I just don’t get what you are saying with the ruler. Can someone maybe post a pic of instructions on how to measure the curve?

dude what is hard to understand?

I had the same problem, I needed 2 enclosures and I designed the battery enclosure with the idea in mind to heat gun the thing and form it to the board, but it would use a ton of filament and I didn’t model it for a series harness or a bms, both of which I wanted, so I just bought some kydex off of Amazon. I didn’t even make a form for the battery kydex and formed it by hand.

If you decide to 3d print it, try to spray paint it with rubber coating.

How do I measure the dot in the middle. I get the ones on the side I just don’t get what you mean with the dot in the middle. Sorry