Board stops responding in cold weather

I’ve been trying to figure out where the source of the problem is, but now that the weather has cooled down a bit, my board has stopped responding. Remote looks connected and my lcd is still showing plenty of charge, but no response from my board until it warms up again. This happens pretty quick too. About 2 minutes into my ride and the temp is around 35F. Board rides just fine if it’s 10 degrees warmer.

Any suggestions on what components are most susceptible to cold? or has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Setup: Space Cell 3 Ollin VESC Bench Wheel Remote + Receiver Carvon single V2 Hub

Are you putting your remote hand in your coat pocket while riding? My ego remote use to disconnect if I put my hand in my pocket to keep warm. Bluetooth remotes are touchy. You might try a different remote.

I’m keeping the remote out and even threw it in the freezer for a few to see if the cold was causing the remote to cut out, but no dice. When I get back into the house, it takes a few minutes before the board will work again. Powering everything off and on makes no difference. Once it warms up a bit, it’s like it never happened.

Strange, never heard of this problem before. Talk to @RunPlayBack He runs a setup very similar to yours and he rides in cold weather as well. Although, he uses a different remote and receiver. Maybe your receiver is getting too cold and malfunctioning.

That is odd, maybe it’s a battery thing I know lipos don’t like cold

It’s the SpaceCell 3 so the battery is LiNiCoMnP. Shouldn’t have an issue with a little cold.

@Namasaki 'm gonna start swapping parts and see what happens. Change my remote back to the Steez and see if there’s any difference.

Frankly, I can’t even imagine going out and riding in 35F weather!

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Just did the conversion

1 degree Centrigrade

Ohhh That’s chilly :snowflake:

Sounds like a loose connection cable somewhere. In warm weather the connection is flexible and works; if it gets too cold a cable is too stiff to flex and loses connection. Check everything and make sure to use some hotglue to get everything in. Perhaps the connector cable from receiver and vesc somewhere.

UPDATE: So I’ve been trying to figure this one out, but I need freezing temps so it’s been taking awhile. Checked all my connections and swapped parts and I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to my VESC. The issue was happening every time I rode in sub freezing weather and after I swapped VESC’s the problem disappeared.

Anyone know of any VESC settings that affect how it performs in cold weather?

Pretty sure there’s temp limits for the FETS

It’s 24 degrees Fahrenheit in North Alabama today, been riding a little but had no issues with my MEB VESC or DIY VESC. I’d check the phase wire connections at the VESC to to make sure they are not contracting with the cold.

Checked and double checked all my VESC connections. Phase wires are solid. It’s one of Chaka’s VESC’s so quality is top notch. Swapped it for my DIY VESC and everything works just fine below freezing.

Sounds like a VESC issue, by process of elimination. I don’t know though, I would have guessed RX.

You can send it in and we can switch it out for a fresh unit.

Thanks for taking the time to trouble shoot this yourself before contacting us.

Send me an email: [email protected]

Thanks! I still want to test it a little more to be absolutely sure. I’ve been going over every piece and I realized I’m still using the same patch cables to my remote receiver whenever I used your VESC. For the DIY VESC, I used a different set. Gonna swap those and see if that could be the source.

Could it be an issue with the temp sensor?

Swapped the cable to my remote receiver and it seems like that was the issue! Not sure why, but once I swapped the patch cables, the issue went away. I’ve been skating in 25 degree weather with no problems. Everything else is the same.

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This is good to hear! What type of connectors where you having trouble with?

It was the 3 pin patch cable that came with the VESC that connects to the remote receiver. I swapped that out and my board hasn’t cut out since.