Board Weight Help

Hey, guys so I want to build a super long range esk8 on a spud or a Tayto, I’ve talked about 10s6p on a previous thread but @Eboosted updated the spud DS enclosure to be able to fit 12s6p…

Now just a very simple question (not) how much would the board weigh? the parts im thinking of using.

Fatboy Nano on E Calibers Maytech 6355 sealed 12s6p (72 Cells) (i have enough cells) Focbox unity (i have on preorder) Tayto or spud (i have on hand) Eboosted Spud DS enclosure Abec 11 107mm refly

I’ve done some rough calculations on weight but couldn’t find info on some parts (used the search bar a metric shit ton)

12s6p on LG HG2 cells are roughly 7.8LB 2 maytech 6355 are roughly 2.96LB Abec 11 107mm refly roughly 4.45LB

Brings the build-up to 15.21LBS

I need help finding the weight on the rest of the parts…

I have the same excat setup - the battery. I’m running 5 2s lipo’s and my board weighs 21lbs. Even if you subtract 3lbs for my battery you will end up with around 30lb board. You will be buff in no time. Just start curling the baord


I mean without the deck the enclosure and the gear drive and trucks the board is around 15.21LBS

so unless gear drive + trucks + enclosure + deck weighs 15lbs… i dont see a 30lb board

my 10s3p on focboxes + rspec kit is 21lbs…

i have to carry it down 8 floors of stairs + 2 floors of stairs up + 2 floors of stairs down

It looks like it will be close to 26lbs…If you’re gonna be carrying up and down a dozen flights of stairs a day you’re probably wish you went for a slimmer battery

Why do you need that much range

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but no 12s6p just seems satisfing…

its not all about range, its also about sag and how much POWAR i can push…

Building a long range board or anything in the 5p/6p range, I care very little about weight.

In fact, I don’t overly concern myself about weight in general when building ELECTRIC skateboards that aren’t for my little children…


I think I can be classify under that territory.

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Put the battery in a backpack and have a magnetic plug hang down from it and a port on the board, at least you’ll be able to pick it up and carry it

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in fact i have a 10s5p pack coming right now, and im gonna be strapping it onto a 33 inch deck with tb dd (but using hummies hubs for now when they come.

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How much do you weigh and what range do you really need? Just wondering

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im hanging around 110 -115 lbs

lets play guess my age :joy: jk

consume around 26wh/mile on my raptor hubs (40a per hub)

im looking to not charge my board for 1.5 weeks… my school is 3 miles round trip

^dont get mad

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Long range and lightweight do not play along together. Get the 12s3p with kegels, pretty nice lightweight board I ride it myself when I go to places where I need to mall grab it.

Otherwise I like to ride my 12s5p sidekick

Or get the 12s6p, 100mm boas and forget about the weight


I care a lot about weight. That’s why I have short range boards and long range boards. On the long range boards, weight is not a factor in the design. On the short range boards, it’s a bigger factor. But not such a big factor as to not use humongous wheels.

For a 72 cell board, it’s going to be super-heavy no matter what you do. You really, really, really will want some sort of kayak handle or fabric handle and balanced in the center of mass along the board.


If you have to have long-range, and weight is an issue, that pretty much means you should go single-motor. Have you considered a single 6374 on the rear heelside? A 6374 is heavier than a 6355 but it’s definitely lighter when you don’t need the other motor, you don’t need the other motor mounts, and you don’t need the other ESC.

Just carry the board, become something that resembles an arm wrestler, win arm wrestling competitions. Profit.

(Talking as a guy who’s building a dual 6374, pneumatics, belt driven, 12s6p)

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yeah i wish im tired after carry an 21 pound board for 20 secs

When you arrive at the destination, curl it. When you arrive home, curl it. Bonus points for doing it while standing. You will BUFF your hand in no time. :smiley:

(Just make sure to take breaks in between the reps. :laughing:)

It’s common for first builders to want to build the first eboard with all features:

  1. A very long range battery but keeping the esk8 realy light
  2. Get the best parts in the market but keeping budget low
  3. A very high top speed with a monster torque
  4. A huge battery under the deck but it must look sleek
  5. A board with streets wheels that can be swapped to AT easily

However, as everything in life, success is archived when you find the balance, the best eboard would be the one that suits your main gol, do not try to score everything or you will be derailed soon.

im not a first time builder :joy: ive built 6 boards so far. only 4 are not torn down

all the things you listed above are not possible thats why i have 4 boards, lightweight, daily commuter, power board, short board