Boardbumpers 58T Drive Gear Review


I just tried out the 58T drive gear from Boardbumpers for my evolve gtx with 7 inch AT tires. They worked as advertised. I got it up to 24mph when I could previously only get up to 21mph which doesn’t seem like a lot but damn it felt much faster. I don’t feel like I lost much acceleration either. The take off felt smoother which was nice. The motors did feel hotter after a quick 9 mile sprint but I was pushing it most of the way. I also didn’t notice much difference in power usage which was good. I’d recommend these to any AT riders looking for a little more speed with a small loss in acceleration.

FYI - The ratio of the evolve stock 66T drive gear with 200 mm (8 inch) wheels is almost exactly the same as the 58T drive gear with 175mm (7 inch) wheels. The evolve R2 remote doesn’t have a setting for a 58T gear but it does let you change the wheels to 200 mm. I changed my remote to 200 mm even though I’m using 175 mm wheels. My remote and a tracking app both clocked me at 24mph so it seems to still be accurate.

Now here’s why I wrote the post.

I just noticed two of my tires are starting to rip open so should I stay with my 7 inch tires or try out the MBS 8 inch Roadies? I wonder if the 58T drive gear with 8 inch wheels could get me up to 28-30mph. I’m debating whether I’d lose too much acceleration with the bigger wheels. What do you guys think?