Boardnamics CNC Motor Mount w/ Idler Tensioner

Try to feed them via DVD tray, if you have one :rofl:

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The 2 608’s will be included, as well as some standard speed spacers to get a good adjustment. 2. You’re right they are 7mm wide, 2 should be enough. Maybe a speed washer in the middle of each. T5 belt…maybe. Don’t know many people that use those, but we may be able to work something out :slight_smile:

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Plenty of guys use 15mm belts :wink:

As for shipping to Europe - does Anyone know if VAT will be added ? What’s the threshold in terms of value? I’ve ordered few small items from China and most came without charges… I hate paying VAT on import ;(

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I think if its over 50e vat will be charged …Im the same about vat it kills me

A 20% fee, yikes. I don’t really know what to do with that, it’s beyond my control. International is tough but I will make it happen.

Yeah, that’s the only issue I’m having. Otherwise I would order already.

Do you want to outsource EU business to someone based in Europe? Haha, set up a franchise of sorts lol

Don’t think so haha. Would be cool though.

How about reverse mount setups for drop throughs? Sorry if this has already been answered. Also i would change my vote to 2 or more if reverse is possible.

What geometry specifically is needed for reverse? I don’t really have a board like that to test but, can’t you just rotate the arm piece of the mount tso that it’s pointed backwards? The only difference I see is that the idler would change locations. The angle of the arm can be adjusted the same magnitude regardless of what direction it is facing.

For me, when I mounted my TB mount in reverse, i had to cut the slots for the screws where the mount attaches to the clamp. There were 6 slots before and I joined each pair for 3 extra wide slots. This was the only way i could get the right angle for reverse mounting.

If you can get a good angle on reverse (on both left and right side of trucks) you should be good.

Just by playing around with the angle, I can achieve the same angle regardless of which way it is orientated. Here is a bad picture of what I am talking about.

The clamp piece is orientated like you would expect, the right angle is facing up like normal. But the slots I made for the arm are centered for that, symmetrical on each side. There is no difference in the angle you can achieve. Hope that cleared it up :slight_smile:


That did clear it up! Very cool mount! I’d buy 2. :smiley:

Looking forward to these coming together but two things to consider.

One, it looks like center distance is fixed so getting the right sized belt would be 100% critical. Having some variable distance would be a nice luxury since most of us source our belts one at a time.

Another, and you may disagree, but I feel the hangar clamp would eventually come loose with just the set screws. I know you said it doesnt so i may be wrong.

I prefer two piece clamps with larger bolts that go all the way through.

Like this one

Or this one

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You can actually have a fixed C distance since the idler will compensate for slack. Longer belts will have a deeper setting idler, while shorter belts will have a higher setting idler.

Good point, didn’t account for the idler. That’s another advantage of an idler isn’t it? Nice…

Jinra is right, the idler is the center distancing mechanism. I have it all calculated I will upload more info on the real market post I will make soon when I am all ready. There is a good amount of ratios that work but the extremes don’t. Can’t please everyone :frowning:

Good point on the clamps, everyone’s got a favorite. I placed the set screws strategically. 90 degrees and perpendicular. Straight 180 isn’t nearly as good because they’re tightened against each other.

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Cool! Once you make a new market post please link it here, I’m sure a lot of us are following this thread.

I will, I have been working a lot on this. I have 5 sets done so far, finally perfected my manufacturing. All the hardware for the idler clamp is here, packaging material, aluminum barstock, timing belts, everything.

I just want to get a solid foot on this before I accept orders. I know the nature of this market and I don’t want to get left behind. Having people wait weeks for a mount just seems unacceptable to me.

At the rate I am making, I should have enough ready to where I feel ready in a little less than a week.

Grainy picture time! Such bad quality but you get the idea.


my opinion is like a ass hole… everybody has one… but don’t cut the idler path from the edge

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If you’re talking about how the slot for the idler goes through the edge of the plate and doesn’t stop, that’s for a reason. If it were closed off, it would limit some ranges of possible belt tensions. Also, it makes the assembly easier because you can just install everything, then slip on the idler starting from zero tension. It has a minimal strength decrease. The idler acts like a bridge for both sides when clamped on. No worries of it coming loose either. Your wheels would come flying off before it budged.