Boardnamics M1 Gear Drive + Other News

A new shipment has arrived at boardnamics!


M1 Gear Drive The final version has arrived. The M1 stands for Module 1, the size of the gears Price is 159.99USD for a dual. $229.99 for a dual + 220mm hangers Single drives will be $89.99

Specifications: Materials: Hardened alloy steel gears; all components machined 6061-T6 aluminum Gears: Straight cut only (for now). Helical coming soon. Ratio is 2.8

Wheel compatibility: Kegel, Flywheel, and Bergmeister Hanger compatibility: Boardnamics 184mm, 220mm, and 270mm precision hangers ONLY

Clearance: The case is 72mm in diameter. 97mm wheels or bigger recommended

Very happy with how these turned out. Extremely low rolling resistance because the seal is a unique bearing+o-ring combo. Amazing sound, like a sports car :smiley: Excited to share them with the world.

Matrix II Mounts Price is $79.99 for a set(2) New version has arrived with a few changes: The overall quality is significantly higher than V1. Sandblasted black anodized. Optional holes for Idlers

44T Kegel Press-fit Bearing Pulleys Price is $49.99 per set (2) Same reliable design as my other bearing pulleys. Compatible with evolve boards with optional 10mm bearing ETA 1-2 weeks

Steel Motor Pulleys Price is $8 per pulley Material: Black Oxide Steel 15mm wide, keyway included 2 M5 set screws No shoulder 14T, 16T, and 18T sizes


Changing Esk8 histoy forever


Do you even read your own rules MAAAAAATE


@onloop CAD models are pretty sweet right? do you want this file?

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Me, me, me. I do. I want the file.


I have sent you a fairly ridiculous messand and the file on telegram

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Does anyone know if boardnamics is a legit site? I ordered two gear drives and now he wind answere a single email

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Yeah I only got like $2-3K of their products not sure if it is legit either. Maybe just order more to be sure…

have you tried multiple, maybe write a letter too bet he would enjoy that.

Ha no my bad he just got back to me. So I do apologize if I sounded rude in any way. Thanks for answering my question tho.

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Yes he is legit, super great vendor and his stuff is high quality.


Well get me some drives hombre!


Lmao hit me up and I’ll hook you up if you need :wink:

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I need hooked up I had a very unprofitable week last week. Fucking post office! !

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Is this where I am supposed to threaten to sue Kevin because I didn’t check if my thread locker was applied correctly?

Jkjk just keep you bolts on and ride :wink:

that looks dangerous

who needs loctite???!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?


I mean, what you see on there is JB weld.


looks awesome

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High welcome back. Did you get released early for good behavior?

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Loctite is one of the best things that humans have invented.