Boardnamics M1 Gear Drive + Other News

A new shipment has arrived at boardnamics!


M1 Gear Drive The final version has arrived. The M1 stands for Module 1, the size of the gears Price is 159.99USD for a dual. $229.99 for a dual + 220mm hangers Single drives will be $89.99

Specifications: Materials: Hardened alloy steel gears; all components machined 6061-T6 aluminum Gears: Straight cut only (for now). Helical coming soon. Ratio is 2.8

Wheel compatibility: Kegel, Flywheel, and Bergmeister Hanger compatibility: Boardnamics 184mm, 220mm, and 270mm precision hangers ONLY

Clearance: The case is 72mm in diameter. 97mm wheels or bigger recommended

Very happy with how these turned out. Extremely low rolling resistance because the seal is a unique bearing+o-ring combo. Amazing sound, like a sports car :smiley: Excited to share them with the world.

Matrix II Mounts Price is $79.99 for a set(2) New version has arrived with a few changes: The overall quality is significantly higher than V1. Sandblasted black anodized. Optional holes for Idlers

44T Kegel Press-fit Bearing Pulleys Price is $49.99 per set (2) Same reliable design as my other bearing pulleys. Compatible with evolve boards with optional 10mm bearing ETA 1-2 weeks

Steel Motor Pulleys Price is $8 per pulley Material: Black Oxide Steel 15mm wide, keyway included 2 M5 set screws No shoulder 14T, 16T, and 18T sizes

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