Boardnamics Surfrodz TKP Mounts

I have had these available for a few weeks but I feel my current thread doesn’t make it very obvious I have these totally ready to go.

The non-idler is available here

The idler is available here

These are the highest quality mounts I can produce with the resources I have. They look and perform like a premium mount should. Very happy with how these turned out :slight_smile: All the information regarding them can be found on our website




6d433bf724b1415477fee49d9ed865c15637145f_2_750x1000 Photo creds @Skunk :smiley:



Ill add more soon.

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Looks like another great product buddy.

Just to confirm, on the idler version tb110’s would be a no go?

Probably not @brenternetimage

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Thanks gents.

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That black finish is beautiful. You really make some fantastic parts. Btw, how is the website coming?

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his website is finished basically lol, he finally listed everything

Why can’t you build clamps where the split is parallel to the road surface? That way there is less chance of the bolt/nut getting caught on something. Major design flaw IMO.

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The hangar is a hexagon. Mount the clamp however you want.


Dat deck doe

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