BoardUp Build | Rayne Amazon | 10s4p 30q | Dual BKB 6354 | Focbox Unity

Finished the battery pack a couple days ago, now working on the AVIO remote.image image image image image



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Nice! I should be getting a deck today to do the same. Are those rubber pads the “stripliner” ones from eBay? Any advice on cutting the board?

image image image image

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yup those are the “stripliner” on eBay. For cutting out the deck, I use the boardup deck as a layout and traced out where I needed to cut. The center hole for the handle didn’t really matter as much, but the only thing you want to perfect is the cut out where the rubber strips will go. Also, the stripliner is to thick you would have to trim it down a notch.

The only con I ran into this build was that it was heavy. Not the board itself, but the why the weight was layed out. If I were to go back and redo it. I would actually put the battery on the bottom part with the motors and the esc on the top, and use bullet extension connectors. The reason for this is because theres to much weight and stress if the battery was on the top half, and this would make hinge not lock in place.

As of right now my hinge won’t lock into place because of that and probably damaged now.

I say try a flat 10s2p build with the original deck if you want a bigger battery than try it on a different deck and use the method I said above.

Well it was fun awhile it lasted :slight_smile:

The wood cracked for the front trucks, so gonna trying to use the parts on a different deck later on.