Bolt Electric Skateboard


Bolt is why I’m into DIY Esk8. Dreams, delays, frustration… backed on july 2015, expected for october 2015, feburary 2016 I went crazy and ordered the cheapest longboard I could find, a lipo pack and a chinese kit of ESC + hub motors, and that wasn’t successful either but at least was better than nothing :D. At least that got me started with DIY, which I guess is a good thing ^^, especially now thay I have a stable build which I use to commute and that I’m into developing vesc logging solutions… Anyway, Sep 2016, the Bolt arrived:

Specs (from the indiegogo page):

Size: 60x25x10cm (23x10x4 inches)

Weight: 4kg (9 pounds)

Power: 2000W, Sensored Motor

Battery: 5000mAh LiPo

Materials: Multiple Ply Wood

Charging: From empty to full in about 90 minutes

These specs are not great (Lipos instead of Li-ion, small motor), also the wheels are 70mm…

Remote: Steez remote

Then on the manual the max rider weight is 90kg (200lbs), I’m a little over 100kg so I don’t think I can keep it, I will have to sell it on ebay / gumtree or similar…

I unboxed it, it looks very nice (pics follow), I like very much the custom design, the fact that all the electronics are inside the deck

I just charged it and tried it in my living room, well, it’s rideable but I don’t think I will be able to climb any hills on it!

The motor is very silent, seems that a control mode like FOC is in place, but the control mode is duty-cycle like most ESCs, only the VESC has current control I think.

I’m planning to sell it because I’m too heavy, I paid it $744 USD and I think that I will sell it under that mark if the buyer is from this forum… otherwise I’ll try with ebay, pm me if you’re interested. I recommend this only for light riders like < 70kg, also because of 5A lipos it won’t have much range, they claim 7.5 miles but I think it will be around 5 max.

It looks nice and neat…def a college campus mover

I personally think it looks like a child’s play toy. But hey that’s just me.

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It’s the white I think…and the size…it’s for point a to b…that’s abt it

I got my Bolt late last year, great little board for portability and power. However it was quite buggy, if you left it on charge to full, it would go into a safety mode where it wouldnt operate until you de-charged it. 1 month later it has stopped working, possibly cooked something after climbing a hill. Im new to the forum but i hope to learn more about the technical side of eBoards and potentially repair it as ive been getting limited response from the owner of Bolt about getting it repaired.

Dang that sucks… any idea how to open it and check it out?

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I’ve not dabbled just yet, wanted to get some troubleshooting from the guys at Bolt, but they have been pretty slow at response. I imagine it wouldnt be too hard to take apart, but my eBuilding knowledge is pretty much zero. Could you recommend a place to post for such troubleshooting? Otherwise ill probably just sell it on here as spare repair.

Ah I see. I’d place my bet on the ESC(Motor Controller) having an issue considering it was a hill that seems to have caused the issue.

I’m not sure about the specs of their battery but I am sure a VESC would be compatible as the replacement for their ESC if they don’t respond. Seems to be a nice board hopefully just rare issue.

The “E-board electronics” section would be the right place to post.

It sounds like it could be a controller issue as i still get the power lights on the board. The controller seems to still be paired with the board, but just having zero response to the motor. I’ve sent Lorenzo (Bolt) another email, one of my problems is I live in New Zealand and they’re in itally, guessing shipping will cost $100NZD+ though luckily the battery is 99Wh and shouldnt be a problem with air mail.

I sold mine (never used) on ebay to a kid from Germany (hopefully he’s light and he will be ok) for 150 eur less than the kickstarter price (:/) and bought some carvons for my second build (;)). With that small motor I guess the max rider weight would be around 60kg…

I had the same thing happen with the Zboard 2 I’m so happy the frustration of waiting and delays got me into building my own Got 3 boards going and they’re all better for me than the Zboard Anyone want to buy a Zboard 2 Pearl?


Did Bolt fix your problems?

Lorenzo got back to me in the end and has asked me to post it back for repair. going to cost $100 for shipping! The concept of the board is awesome, but its certainly got some early bugs with it. My Yuneec ive had for over a year now, ride it all the time and all ive needed to do was replace a belt.