Bomb proofing the vesc

Has anyone tried setting the vesc in epoxy? Could be a good way to get over all the vibration issues. Obviously it will create heat build up issues, but If you added heat sinks that stick out of the epoxy in the right way this should be able to be overcome. Thoughts?

never had vibration issues on my VESC and I’ve rode over very bumpy asphalt. Mine sit on a layer of dual lock Velcro, so that might help with dampening as well.

Potting the VESC sounds like a bad idea as repairability and removing connections becomes nearly impossible

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And if it breaks you can wear it around your neck … E-Sk8 jewelry



Are those real animals encased in resin/epoxy?! Maybe not quite as sick as the Chinese selling actual live animals inside plastic key-chains, but still horrific karma. When I ride, I want the universe on my side thanks. Anyone wearing this kind of thing is BOUND to run into VESC issues! :wink:

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Potting is the best you can do. Downside is you wont be able to repair anything.