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As most of you know I do woodburning on pretty much anything I can from the little skateboard ornaments and artwork that I had sent a few people during the secret santa to skate decks. I have been using a wood burner for about 3 years starting out with a craft one from AC Moore and then moving to a professional system from PJL Enterprise. Several of you follow me on instagram which I appreciate.

I have always tried to do increasingly more intricate work that can really stand out. So the reason I created this topic is to open up my services to people who want some custom artwork on there boards whether it is a board with a theme or just want something on there deck that make them stand out. Since it is the winter months here in the US and the sun has already set when I am getting home I have not had time to update shapes and styles of decks that I have stocked these are pictures I hope to work on this weekend since it will be cold but not raining/snowing. These are the board styles I currently have in stock there is one more style that I have but do not have a a picture of. imageimage

All the deck are made of 7plys of American Hard Rock Maple. I do have one deck that is 8ply in the freeride longboard style shape with a nice 1 inch drop to lock your feet in.

Cruisers shapes are genereally 14" wb with a kick tail and slight nose and range in size as small as 24" penny to 30.5" beer store runner. The Longboards are a 42" pintail and a 41" freerider. The last is the standard 8" wide skate deck with double kicks.

Every step is done by hand from sanding to finishing. Since I’m really trying to grow this business this year I’m doing introductory prices that I think are very reasonable prices for custom decks. $150 for the cruisers and skate deck and $175 for the longboards. The graphics would be on the top of the board as the electronics would cover it on the bottom. Every board comes finished with several coats of spar urethane brushed on and are gripped with glass frit with an option of 30 mesh 80 mesh, or a combination of both. So if you are interested shoot me a PM. I will also lay down some graphics on some pre-existing boards that you may have or are getting done if please make sure it has not finish on it or ask for no finish as when this is burned it messes with the ability to burn the graphic as well as creates a toxic fumes. As the finishes can be taken off but require alot of extra sanding to make sure its all off. So its just easier to ask for a blank unstained unfinished deck if it is being built for you.

If you are interested in just some wall art shoot me a pm and we will discuss prices.

Just to give you guys some ideas of the different artwork I have done in the past here are some examples. image image image image image image


Amazing stuff you have here, beautiful ! And the price is very good for such quality !

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Thanks @Balta_6. I’m just trying to provide a service for people if they want it.


So The weather actually cooperated with me today was able to get some pictures in so here is the line up that I am offering. image

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