Boosted AT Build | Dual 6374 | Flipsky dual 4.20 | 10s5p

Threw this board together with spare parts around the house:

Flipsky dual 4.20 VESC 10s5p battery Dual 6374 Motors @170kv @dickyho Dickyho motor mounts (Short Caliper) Airless AT tires - Normal AT tires coming soon TB trucks Enertion remote Flipsky switch Eboosted enclosures @Eboosted Metr Bluetooth Boosted Board Deck Custom Grip Tape

image image image image image image image image image image

Here are the vesc settings. Thanks guys for help with the 30a motor max issue.

image image


Awesome build sir! What tires are those?

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They are the diyeboards airless tires. Currently orders some pneumatic tires to replace them

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These boosted customs are becoming a habit my friend. This one looks cool as, awesome grip. Didn’t fill your wire channels though hey? they always bulge lol. You build like me. When you find something you like that works then keep on doing that thing. Love it. Keep up the good work!

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howd u manage to fit a 10s5p in what i assume is eboosteds 12s4p enclosure?

365 belt ?

I used form pads to raise the enclosure. Tried to upload a pic but the site gave me an error

Yup, running 365s

Wait so to confirm you did go with the 12s enclosure? Cause it looks huge compared to boosted

Awesome build man!

Boosted Boards crowd must be jelous of your range and comfort, it’s a much better eboard all around and nicer looking too :sunglasses:, the only drawback I can see is weight :weight_lifting_man:

Please, upload a picture of the 10S5P I’m curious how creative you had to be


Ya, I bought and am using eboosted’s 12a4p enclosure, by cells are stacked 3 high. The way I got around this is by using foam to line the outside of the case to get more height. I keep trying to upload photos, but the site doesn’t take them right now.

image image

Here is what the poor foam job I did to get the 10s5p to fit


What did you use to fill the previous holes on the boosted deck? Wood filler? Epoxy?

Epoxy mixed with baking soda seems to work. I used this compound glue before I read about the epoxy recommendation

Any link to more information on that? Thanks by the way!

Also did you get the 10s4p or 12s4p enclosure from eboosted?

I got the 12s from eboosted, but had to use foam pads to get the 10s5p battery to fit.

I don’t remember the links for the glue or the epoxy stuff. Will try to look for them and will post here if I find.

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How are the motors holding up? Would you recommend them?

Do you have any idea what the power output of those things are?

I would recommend the motors, this set had magnet problems and have been replaced. Actually any of the 6374 and bigger motors have had magnet issues over time. I think newer designs have retention rings which should help a lot.

@Jasonkimberson What top speed and range are you getting so far? Planning on getting these motors for a budget build. And how did you replace the magnets?