Boosted Board 2.0 Battery Officially Recalled

As expected. Boosted is recalling all gen 2 batteries and a new replacement will be sent. You will need to take out your battery (get the battery serial number!), take it to a recycling center, GET A RECEIPT then submit with board serial and battery serial numbers and a picture of the receipt before a new one will be sent to you.

They are no longer advertising their boards as water resistant. If you are a boosted owner, read the details on their blog.

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" The short-circuit was caused by water entering the pack during riding due to quality control issues in two areas of the manufacturing process."

what a waste of cells and time… bad seals so they want you to just scrap an entire pack of cells?

someone please tear out the bms first and just get a receipt for the cells! I think the pcb could be salvaged! I want to try… :nerd:

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Actually, the whole pack can be salvaged. If the seal is just repaired or not used in water it should be fine.

I want to part the batteries out. Perfectly good cells and BMS probably, just bad water seals.

exactly, but boosted wants a receipt to get a replacement.

I wonder what it takes to become a “Recycling center”, these would be perfect for some upcycled diy packs!! :sunglasses:


Haha, sounds good.

Making a receipt is a 5 minute job in Photoshop for serial number, address, company name and all.

yupp i’m looking into making it more “official” to be sure they’ll honor the replacement.

if you think about it its good for everyone. they’ll get a pretty nice spike in spare charger sales! lol :joy:

I just pulled my battery out, such a waste. I wonder why they don’t just send me a box to ship it back to them. Mine wasn’t abused and never touched water. Totally safe to send

So I emailed boosted and they said any recycling center will be fine. :thinking:

Where are you located? lol

When you recycle a pack… is the receipt say boosted board pack or does it have information such as cell count, make etc…?

Would any receipt be ok?

Where I live recycling center work by trust, I just need to told them I recycle battery et then just dump something else… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s what i figured

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sadly the two recycling centers close to me do not give receipts. I was too eager to get the replacement. Contacted Boosted and they said I can record a video of the recycling and send it as proof.

oh well, I’m on the list for the extended pack when that comes out so I still get one “extra” battery I guess

One good thing about this recall was the $200 Boosted credit they offered. Just got another charger and remote…sadly batteries are not an option right now.

That is nice. Did you order the Extended battery?

yup, I ordered the extended dual+, they sent us a dual+ with the regular battery until the large battery gets produced. So I’ll have an extra battery, remote and charger and no cost!

Nice, Boosted seems to be taking a financial hit for the V2 release. I don’t see how they can be profiting off this launch.

Hello, does anyone here now the Gear Ratio of the boosted boards?

I had a feeling it was 3:1. But I could be wrong.