Boosted Board 2018 Leak of POTENTIAL New Models?

Just saw this from Jay Boston about Boosted possibly coming out with multiple versions.

It looks like Boosted is finally playing catch up to get range in one board and portability in another. That looks like a pretty high riser on the black board.


so thats what they were doing instead of shipping what they promised to the world…


The battery enclosures on the Shortboard seems… odd? It looks like a scaled down version of their regular one which is made for the Vanguard deck. Just my first thought :slight_smile: If the brake light feature is true I’m looking forward to it becoming the standard for us DIYers in the future! I know Vedder did it a while back…

From this comment on Reddit. by /u/Lumaci

"Boosted commented the video.

For those that wanna know what without clicking the video here:

At Boosted we thrive on innovation and we’re always exploring the possibility of developing new products. Recently we reached out to a portion of our customer base to ask for their opinions on a number of concept renderings. We have no set plans about which of the product concepts depicted will actually be produced, nor production timelines for the products we will produce To prevent any confusion among customers, we won’t be commenting on any future product from Boosted. Thanks for the support and enthusiasm!"


Well look what just arrived at the office.


Ouuuuh shiny!

the short version looks interesting althought i believe the price wont be that “short”…

and will be interesting the fight between blink acton vs boosted shorboard.

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Id buy the short one if they ever make it. looks like a fun little board to carry around

Nice. I’m selling my boosted board as soon as the extended battery arrives

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mine just arrived today. I juggled with the idea of selling it, but probably just gonna officially give it to my wife so if it fails on her it’s not my fault since I didn’t build it !


Yeah but ‘extended range’ for them means lousy 12 miles!

Actually that’s 12 miles in eco on flats and weigh half my weight haha


Yeah totally. I think the extended range battery specs in real life will actually end up having the range advertised for the original battery

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Has this been discussed somewhere else already?

Word on the street is it’s just a preorder. So unless they actually start selling something that’s in-stock, meh