Boosted Board - Anyone got one for sale? Or know Where to buy?

Just checking if anyone got one for sale? Not to much tho… and Im building my own and know it Will be better but I want one anyways.

Or does anyone know Where to buy one? The auctions on eBay goes crazy.

Thanks for your time

I just bought a Koowheel D3M and I love the thing. Mine came from eBay but i received an email a couple days ago and they’re offering 20% off and free shopping

Point is you could get one new for just around 400

I think he’s looking for a boosted board

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Ask on the Boosted Reddit.

I shall try, just wanted to check if someone here got one

Most people here build their own

What are you talking about? 3d printers? Pigs? And why only one? Why not all?

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I edited your title - was a bit confusing and people start calling for frodo and sam already to throw the damn thing in the vulcano (btw it´s evil @trampa ´s volcano now :smiley:)


Where are you located? There’s like 2 here in the DC area that I’m eyeing on Craigslist. A V1 and V2…Anyone have any input on what a reasonable price is for a used Dual + V1 (or what you would pay)?

Really? I cannot see any on Washington’s craigslist(

That’s probably because I went and bought the V1…sorry man lol :grin:. The V2 disappeared before I even got the V1…they wanted too much for the V2 so you didn’t miss anything. There’s a guy on the Reddit boosted forum who offered to sell me a V1 for $800…might want to check that out.

Could you share the link, pls?

Just sent you a message. Not sure if they want us linking other forums on here haha.

Thanks Eddie))

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This user on the ElectricSkateboarding subreddit is selling this on CL and willing to ship with a BUNCH of extras (3 batteries, 2 regular and 1 extended range):

Yeah) I saw it! 2K is way to expensive though) thanks anyways!

Where do you think he got his 2nd regular though?

He “recycled” it at best buy when they recalled the batteries. Then he asked the best buy employee if he could keep it. (source: him (the dude selling it)

BTW extended battery isnt out so basically 2 batteries while you want for 1 to come

He ended up selling the bundle for $1400 IIRC