Boosted Board converted into mountainboard!

Just finished my first build.

I wrecked my old Dual Plus V2 Boosted Board; & decided to repurpose the parts!

Specs: Deck; MBS Core 16 Mountainboard

Trucks; MBS Matrix II

Hubs; back: Five Star MBS, front: Three Star stock

Motors; (2) V2 Dual+ Boosted motors

Wheels: Stock MBS 8” pneumatic mountainboard tires.

Sprockets; (2)11 tooth #25 roller chain sprockets. (2) 74 tooth rear drive sprockets.

#25 roller chain.

Motor mounts are made of miscellaneous hardware obatained from the local store; (2) L-Brackets fastened via (2) U-bolts to the axle.

1/4” threaded rod for horizontal support.

Stock MBS bearings.

Battery; Boosted Extended Range battery.

VESC; stock V2 Dual +

Remote; stock Boosted remote.

Headlight; 1000 Lumen Milwaukee flood lamp with rechargeable battery.

Headlamp; 12000 Lumen offbrand from Amazon.


Range: So far the range is not very good; average of 4-5 miles on a charge.

Speed: Top speed seems to Be about 24mph

Torque: Seems about the same as the original V2 Boosted Board.

Many upgrades to come! I.E - Homemade 10S16P battery, upgraded 6374 3300 watt 200kv motors.

New VESC coming.

LED Light strips

Any tips for centering the drive sprockets better are appreciated!

I’ve attached a short video of the first test ride. image image image image image


Nice build. Did you mean to say 10s16p or 10s6p battery? Because 10s16p is a huge battery. People get 30+ miles of range on 12s8p, so that would give you some crazy range, but it would also be a massive battery. I love that you repurposed old boosted parts. Also, putting dual 6374s will give you so much power, and so much fun!

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16 pack baby!

All 18650’s

4 runs of 10 cell packs on bottom; stacked 3 packs deep & 4 stacks of 10 cell packs on top of the board.

I love that you repurposed the boosted board but you may want to get bigger motors cause this baby motors looks so funny and may affect the performance of your board.

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Working on That, one piece at a time; although, these motors are doing surprisingly well!

I just ordered some motors, batteries and a motor mount.

Probably just a typo but just in case. Those are the original matrix trucks not matrix 2 hopefully you ordered motor mounts for the Matrix not matrix 2.

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image image just ordered these 6474 motors; also ordered 100 Samsung 30Q 18650 cells to start building packs.

Thanks for the info; another member corrected That and is making them for me.