Boosted Board details megathread

he’s not gonna be happy when he finds the 199Wh capacity keeps him from bringing it on airplanes. The CEO wasn’t stoked at all either, kinda like he knows that for the price, other companies are wiping the floor with his product

He can have the 199Wh for when he is in NY and the others for when he travels. Probably not going to be a big deal.

Someone should really send him a nice board though, would be a good way to get some publicity…

cough @onloop @carl.1 cough

isn’t that the whole point of having that replaceable battery? Put the smaller one in before flights and when you are back home put the big one in again. Casey will probably have 20 batteries just because he can and a 199Wh one stored permanently in a locker in both LAX and SFO.

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I am pretty sure BOOSTED is paying him good money not to endorse any other boards.

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My guess is he is invested somehow in boosted - so sending him one will not be noticed and he will probably just give it away like he did for all the other electric unicycles etc.

Eh, i doubt it, he doesn’t seem like the type to do sponsored content and not say anything about it.

@Maxid I’m pretty sure he gave those away cause he already had one.

edit: also if i remember correctly, there have been a lot of times where he has said stuff about boosted board and then also mentioned that he was in no way getting paid for it, he just really liked their products.

Is it “sponsored content” to NOT endorse other products? He also already has electric skateboards - so why is it any different? He can say he is not involved with boosted but that does not have to be true - I like his vlogs very much and he is a fascinating guy but I won’t trust every word he says. His first class travels, apartments, parties and life-style needs to be payed somehow - and even if it is not direct payment from boosted he has surely not payed full price for the repairs he needs or forgotten remotes - so he does benefit from giving them exposure (both sides do).

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Three choices at this point are:

  1. Boosted V2 July-August

  2. DIY Board - June-(possibly ready by July)

  3. Evolve GT - (potentially) Late Fall

Despite the underwhelming performance upgrade I think I might just go with Boosted for now since it would get here sooner and I know it’ll be reliable, and if the Raptor is enough to satisfy me I can sell the Boosted for a lot of money and wait until the GT has been tested to see if its worth the investment. Or sell it and make a bad ass DIY board once Enertion has the pro4 / new enclosure in stock, and someone figures out the ideal set up for dual mounting chaka’s new motors.

I guess i don’t have as much of a cynical view of him as you do. He seems like a trustworthy person who says what he thinks and doesn’t try to deceive people.

I would imagine he pays for all that with his business, the youtube channel where is daily videos get at least a million views each, all the talks he gives around the world (i would have to assume at least some of them are paid), and his wife probably helps the bills since she also has her own business.

I’m most likley going DIY and I’m mounting chakas motors like this


I thought about that, idk, I guess I just want to wait until everyone has more stuff in stock…lot of cool shit being released from this community and I want to see where it goes. I’d only save maybe a month of waiting if I go DIY which would probably be worth it…

I guess longevity wise I want to have the flexibility of being able to sell whatever I get (easily) for more or the same I paid for it. I’ll probably do a DIY build in winter, but take my time with it

You [quote=“Karmannghiagirl, post:29, topic:3492, full:true”] I would imagine he pays for all that with his business… [/quote]

The free app that probably has zero revenue? I followed him before the vlogging began and I admire his work and spirit - but there has to be something going on behind the scenes that we do not know about.

@Mr_Mahal Really wish we were ready to take orders on our integrated decks you would enjoy the power and range. Nothing on the market can match the system we have developed. Well over double the range of the leading designs.

If you are considering purchasing the motors we are stocking please know they are intended as single drive or a dual diagonal drive. Dual diagonal is nice because it distributes the weight evenly over the front and rear trucks.

Most builders go dual rear because it looks “cool” but it makes for poor handling at speed. Granted most people keep the speed really low so the effect is less apparent but it still has an effect on loose asphalt at low speed. All this talk about performance begins to look a little funny when everyone builds dual rear drives. I suppose the truth will never come out unless we get a honest racing circuit going.

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How should wiring go for dual diagonal? One VESC in front, one in back, and one looong can-bus cable? or should you extend the motor connectors to reach the back of the board?

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I don’t like to have either the motor cables or primary power very long. If you have to make the primary power cables longer you can add capacitors to handle the extra length.

How do airlines determine the capacity of a power pack ? Surely you’d need some sort of independent certification of the battery in question ?

From what I hear, things aren’t very official or regulated. A lot of agents don’t look into it very much, and a lot dont care. I’ve also heard of success with labeling it as <99wh even though they were higher. I know Jason from Enertion brought two of his SPACE cells on a flight from Hawaii and they didn’t even check or care.

@chaka could I mount them like this?

If I could do that I would probably go ahead and buy now…alternative is waiting for @torqueboards motors to come back in stock… Not sure how difficult a dual diagonal set up would be for a first build lol

Has anyone tried a dual diagonal set up other than the way above??

Hills in my area are in great supply so I have to have dual motors…

You can also try Enertion’s motors if you don’t mind unsensored. The spreadsheet I linked you two yesterday has a pretty base guideline build for exactly what you’re suggesting. You’ll have to use torqueboards v3 mount unless you want to wait a month for his v4 50mm adapter.

If you think about buying a board, I would be very thankful if you use this link;)