Boosted Board details megathread

We had a mega thread for the Carbon GT, so let’s keep all discussion about BB here. Details out tomorrow


woot woot… 20 characters omfg relaly plz!

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Well…fuck… lol didn’t see that one coming.

Looks like there is battery level indicator on the pack itself. So maybe it is swappable :thinking:

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heres that image brightened up. It appears that not much has changed from what I can see at least


yeah that would be the only noticeable difference at the moment

Interested to see. As @Haick said. Doesn’t look like much has changed board wise. Maybe just swappable batteries?

I’ll just wait for Casey’s opinion.


Casey is in SAN FRANCISCO so today we will probable see the board in his vlog. To me it seems like they 've added swappable battery. The rest is pretty much the same.

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“Just forgot my remote in order to have the boosted CEO bring me one”- my ass :wink:


hahaha my thoughts exactly when he said that !

They have added swappable battery. Nothing to be excited to be honest :slight_smile: Actually the battery is not swappable - it is “user replaceable” which means you have to unscrew the cover.


Ha! After all the talk on this forum about riding responsibly, this promo makes the riders look like a bit of a menace on the streets of San Fran.

While the extended range will be welcomed… It a bit disappointing that they couldnt refresh the look.

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If anyone is interested here is a 100USD discount link for the new Boosted Board

it may not have the best range but it is around 500-600 usd cheaper than the new CarbonGT

I also pre ordered, with the $100 off its a better deal! Would appreciate if anyone would use my referral link too:

ehhh… switch to Kegels… Sure easier to mount their pulleys now. waterproof electronics… double the battery pack.

They never shown the extended pack and only show the standard. lol must be much bigger? They need double the battery for double the mileage.


I really hope all the GT reps were wrong and US can get the board soon…Boosted is saying shipping in late July which is a bit too late. An extended pack cost $400 (which you’d want to get because the included is only 8 miles going all out) while offering half the range of a pro 4 space cell that costs the same…lol they will make a lot of money off of this but the range for money spent is a joke and its still the same board with no increased speed… The other additional things they added are pretty nice though.

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Might as well make your own battery pack. But yea, very underwhelming announcement from boosted. Pretty much what I guessed would happen.

I honestly think that @onloop should start advertising his Enertion Raptor - as SWAPPABLE battery …oh I am sorry USER REPLACEABLE…he was way ahead the competition with his Space Cell Pro !


While I really don’t like boosted boards, I have to say they do a great job promoting. That promo video is pretty bad ass looking, great cinematography and if I wasn’t a DIY guy, I would be sold by that. Knowing whats in a boosted board though, they give the board the look that is fast and super long range. I would love to put one to my range test, if anyone here in SF is willing to let me take their boosted board for a spin so I can tell the world if their range is even close to accurate (and you could try one of my deadly fast boards.

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