Boosted Board is barely water resistant?

According to this Reddit user, the board has minimal protection from water. This was one of the main features of the V2 and it doesn’t seem to be that great.


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I read that. The dude rode the board through mud puddles then hosed it down.

Is it suppose to be water proof or SPLASH proof ? Also water hose are not really safe to use on electronic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bet there is conformal coating on those :slight_smile:

i thought the same thing

Water resistant, so more like splash proof. I figured that the electronics are coated since their vid specifies “water resistant electronics”.

Depends on the water. Salt water destroys everything electrical on contact. Fresh water may short stuff out, but if you turn off the power immediately and dry it out your will be fine, like dropping a phone in the toilet.

Even if the electrics were water resistant, water will delam a wood board after a while and it trashes metal bearings.

The boosted is a solid core of bamboo. Probably won’t delaminate :slight_smile:

The deck is the least of our worries.

Was more an observation :slight_smile:

The board was only rated as splash proof, not water proof. To be deemed water proof it would have to sustain being submerged for at least 30 minutes.

Those seals do look a little weak.