Boosted Board Mods

Hello all!

I’ve read a lot about battery mods and wheel mods.

Does anyone know about waterproofing or motor swapping mods for the Gen 1 Boosted Board series?

I plan to use clear aquarium cauck to waterproof my Board as best as I can. Any thoughts on the subject?

Most of us don’t have Boosted Boards. I might buy a used V1 soon though.

Water Resistance You could probably find cheaper waterproofing silicon at a hardware store. Something for bathtubs or windows.

Speed/Wheels It would probably be easy enough to mod the gears on the board to increase top speed. Also switching to Kegel wheels shouldn’t be too hard.

Motor Swap I’ve never heard of this? No point really. Board is powerful enough.

Battery I’d avoid adding a 10S1P 18650 pack in parallel to the 12S1P LiFePO4 pack inside. Another LiFePO4 12S pack would be great though.

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Me neither. I’m about to aquire one used for modding and science.

I’ll give the waterproofing a shot with silicone sealant and I am planning to CAD a 12s2p bottom chassis for the Gen1 as an aftermarket mod. I’ll have to see how hard it is to modify the BMS. A123 26650 for the win!

That’s going to be either really hard to pull off. Might get in the way of the flex.

Yeah, I suspect it’ll be the case. I might create a battery case and then cast a silicone body around it. We’ll see.

Edit: Damn, they have a next-level battery pack. Modding that is a no go. The can bus/communication is required for the board which is why other boosted battery mods just connect to the ESC side’s power leads. Damn.

Hey, I’m looking to replace my Benchwheel C2 wheels. I find that the original whels are too hard. I’m looking for a softer and smoother ride. Can you suggest the best wheels for that? And does any wheels fit or is there any secific sizes I should look for? Thanks in advance!

Abec-11 97mm

Thanks! I wanted to have wider wheels, for more stability - these look as thin as the original ones. Does this have to do with the rest of the parts?

An, while we’re at it, why not a 77mm wheel? These are much easier to find (and cheaper too!)

Unless you want to feel every bump and possibly be thrown off your board by a stone or kerb, I’d go for the bigger wheels…

:slight_smile: understood! Thanks man!

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Ok, I was just inspecting the pulley system on my benchwheel and it’s an 8 pin insert on the wheel and the Abec 11 wheels have 6 pins so my pulleys won’t fit… Where Can I find a pulley that can fit on the wheels AND work with the belts I currently have?

I just saw this on youtube and figured this was a problem easily fixed by the 10 lb brains on this forum.

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Yeah pretty much.

What is the obsession over Tesla cells in eboards? They probably won’t even make sense based on cell specs.

I saw that video a few days ago. He’s mixing chemistries. The easiest way to solve the problem is to use lifepo cells as his “booster” packs. Mixing cel chemistries is always a bad idea and I’m shocked he didn’t realize that before he started recorded. They have totally different nominal voltages

but they’re not being discharged together. it seems like the way most boosted mods are being done. everyone goes for li ion for the capacity/size…

I’m more worried about the revived boosted battery…and no low voltage alarms on the extra packs lol

Most mods that I’ve seen in other videos are added in parallel and are discharged together.

The revived Boosted battery probably won’t store much energy or discharge much current anymore…

These mods are pointless since your warranty will be voided…

that video got enough views that he could buy a new boosted with add money so I dont think its a problem… :money_mouth:

does anyone know where I can find the STL file for this modified wheel pulley? I will be happy to print an additional set if someone can get me the STL file for the pulley in this video.