Boosted Board motor guard mod for OLLIN 90mm POPOCA

So, I am new here, but I have invested close to 40 or 50 hours or so in this forum, creeping around, trying to learn. I only have a boosted V2 for now, but I am trying to educate myself as much as possible to take on my first build or two. I do not want to be the guy flamed for asking things like: “whats ERPM?” or “what KV for SPEED!”

I feel like I have learned a great deal from many of the leaders and regulars in this forum. @Kaly , @onloop , @chaka , @Eboosted, @Idea and so many othera have inspired me to get into this fun little niche world! I LOVE IT!

Enough about the crap, I wanted to give my minor mod on my Boosted V2 to get others like me who are just digging into all this some ideas.

@chaka just released some awesome 90mm wheels for the Boosted Board that have the same hub as the 80mm kegels standard on the Boosted Board V2 (this makes a cheap upgrade for a slight boost to speed that is cheaper than buying ABEC11a + a new pulley). However, unlike the Kegels , these are centerset instead of offset hubs. Blah, Blah, ultimately the motor guard won’t fit running these wheels. No biggie, but easily fixable if you have a Dremel tool and want that extra bit of motor protection.

Here you can see the motor guards just BARELY doesn’t fit (a couple mm or so)

So in order to remove just the right amount of the motor guards in order to fit the wheels, I first put the kegels back on and scribed the guard with a knife along the curve of the Kegels.

Then you can take the mount off and use that etched “kegel line” as a guide to Dremel off the material that is preventing the guard to fit with the Popoca’s. I used the small Dremel cutting wheel, then smoothed it out with one of the fine wheels.

Here is the guard with the “kegel etch line.”

Here is the mount post a 5 minute Dremel round.

After some smoothing out with the Dremel wheel and a dash of paint, we are back in the game!

Thanks for reading! Maybe this will help out another uber-noob, maybe not. I was bored this afternoon and since I haven’t started building anything cool yet, I might as well put this up?

Anyhoo, these Ollin 90mm wheels are awesome! I can pull away from other Boosted Boards that are stock, with minimal torque loss. I have a buddy running 97mm ABEC 11s on his V2 and these wheels feel WAY… “cloudier”…yeah, it feels like a nice, soft, billowy cloud. Also, my boy spent close to 2 times as much to buy ABECS and a new pulley. With this setup you can do a direct fit with thew OEM wheel pulley and run no guards, or mod the guard slightly to accommodate this setup.

Also, the black Ollin Popocas look about 1000X cooler than the Kegels.

Sorry if this is useless info. However, I had fun making a mini write-up, and I really do love these wheels @chaka! I can’t wait to get on a real build in a bit… Urban Carver? oh yeah… I still want a damn Ollin Freeride though! Work of art!



Nice work! Still looks like it came from the factory. We considered on having a plastic cover available but this is a much nicer mod. Clean!


Thanks @sender!

Just modded a friend’s belt cover for him.


Thanks for the post, helpful! I picked up a set of Ollins while waiting on another wheel group buy.

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