Boosted Board V1 - Changing VESC

can I see your motor settings? I want to see what you set everything to, is 40amps too high?

What about this with a v2? What max amperage is safe to push through a focbox to V2/V3 motors?

Hey guys, does a ESC For WowGo 3X, works with boosted motors from v1 dual. I have a boosted v1 that has dead batteries, and wondered if i can change the ESC so i could use other batteries, but not sure if the motors will work with that new ESC… did anyone tried or taught about it?

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Every part about your post is fucking GOLD btw

hmm so is the boosted v1 battery broken seriously or are the cells just bad?

if the cells are bad they used A123 cells that are super common actually. Most ESK8 battery builders could make you a new pack for much less money than you might think. (I have 200 of these cells I have no idea what to do with yet)

the wowgo ESC is a hobbywing and not worth bothering with unless you absolutely hate spending money on good parts.

4 cells where dead. Currently i removes all the batteries and now the BMS is al clear and beautiful waiting for new batteries. But i’m to scared to spot welder other and create the same pattern like the new ones… seems hard… don’t know what to do. If i burn the BMS what will i do then?

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Currently someone is selling some brand new A123 cells. They seem to have got them to make a V1 Boosted pack just like you want!

You did not say where you are yet so maybe you can find someone in your area to take the cells and assemble them for you.

If you are in the USA it could be ezpz!

i have the cells already. I’m from Europe - Romania. if you want give me a msg on my mail. [email protected]. Do you think a VESC will work with the boosted v1 motors?

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hmm ok


focafoc pot pot

get the upcoming VESC HD60D

Do you remember how you wired the motors up to the VESC? Mainly, wondering about the hall sensors/encoder wires.