Boosted Board V1 - Changing VESC

Has anyone successfully replaced a Boosted V1’s ESC?

I have a Boosted V1 with a broken motor, and the repairs are stupidly expensive, so I want to gradually convert it to a “DIY hybrid”.

I guess the first step for this would be to change the VESC, to stop being at Boosted ESC’s limitations’s mercy.

Would anyone know how to get started on this, and/or if someone attempted this already?

Once the VESC is replaced, I guess I will be able to operate it with only one motor… in the meantime I find a way to replace the second motor (or to replace the whole drive-train and motors by something more “standard”)

I looked online but I couldn’t find anyone doing this.

As Boosted stopped supporting V1, and repairs cost ridiculously expensive, this will be a more and more recurrent topic.

In my case I have a dual with a broken motor. Shipping it to California from Canada + the repairs would cost me at least 500$, which is just stupid.

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I have a broken boosted board and I’m also actually trying to DIY so just to let you know. VESC or event Focbox don’t enter the enclosure without some modification or only one focbox should be fine. I had bought an V2 battery and rewiring with a chinese BMS. Adding sensors connectors for the pulley cover. But totally worth it, I actually spend a total of 170 euros and it should work even better than before.


Thanks for your reply @Sebious!

Not sure I got it, if the Focbox will fit or not (you say: “or only one focbox should be fine”). The specs on Enertion’s site say that it’s “64mm x 64mm”, which doesn’t seem that big to me… but I haven’t open the Boosted’s enclosure to figure out how much room is in there.

Regarding the V1 battery, would you know if it’s a particularly problematic one? I often hear that is “not compatible” with some stuff, but I’m not sure what/why yet.

What Chinese BMS did you get, specifically?

Yes, I don’t mind investing on the board, as long as I know that the pieces that I buy will actually work with the battery and motor that I have. Actually, I can’t wait to order the parts, I just need to investigate which ones will work!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have successfully integrated the FocBox with a V1 Boosted. Paired with a 12S4P ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD BATTERY EPOWER PACK from DIYElectric. I have attache a few pictures of the assembly process. My first ride took me 18 miles round trip and only used 12% of the battery at speeds averaging 10 to 15 MPH. 20190321_205859


Here is a final connections picture with the FocBox fully installed. I plan to document my connections and contact Boosted to make sure my connection are correct and complete. From the road testing I have done I would say they are? 20190322_215910


Hub screen capture shows the two motors working. Note I don’t plan to ever ride this at max speed! Please let me know what more info I can share. The FocBox made saving this board easy. Regards, Screenshot_20190322-221018


Yo, that’s pretty fly. Can you give me the rundown on what you needed to do to make this work? Looks like you were able to churn out some additional power from their standard motors. Can you actually run it rhat fast or would that be too much for the stock motors?

Remember to be careful with the pack and board you have. The board is meant and wants to flex, while the battery is not / doesnt

Just be safe :+1:


When doing this can you connect the existing BB V1 battery to the FocBox too?

Definitely! Just put an extension and connectors on it.

I really hope you covered these exposed connections: image

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That’s great glad to hear that. Trying to keep the overall Boosted aesthetic but putting serviceable internals in.

Also does anyone know if you can connect a firefly remote to a FocBox unity? I would like to use this as its got similar design with more features.

Nope left then floating for special effects and firework :joy::crazy_face:

The motors can each handle 40 amps but i am no where brave enough to ride at top speed. board could easily do 30 mph

Have any pictures of how you mounted the battery?

Battery is held down with 8 bolts20190405_072955


Does anyone in here have a Boosted Board V1 Dual + ESC they’re willing to sell me? Happy to pay a fair price.


Hey there, I am selling a boosted board V1 dual plus without battery if you are interested.

Hey thanks for reaching out I just sent you a PM :slight_smile:

I’ll buy 4153412281