Boosted Board V2 Trucks Petition

I know this is a bit out of place but I hope to get more attention from those of us who look slightly down on Boosted instead of fanboys who think they do no wrong. My wife rides my Boosted because I don’t want to be the one directly responsible for a broken board that I make. and to be honest, their remote and throttle/brake curves are awesome.

Can you please spare 30 seconds and “sign” this petition and potentially help save some lives? There has been a few V2 owner’s whose axle broke off which seems like a very dangerous issue. I’m not sure how much a petition would do in terms of actually getting something done, but awareness definitely needs to be raised.

Thanks! Mike safe_image


Boosted is already working on it, but due to the release of the V3 and a lawsuit thats ongoing due to this issue they denied to talk more about it until the lawsuit is over.

thanks for the update. My wife is half my weight and barely rides so I’m pretty sure we won’t see this problem any time soon.

Whatever board is ridden, it’s cool that your wife rides as well ! The only rolling mine does is with her eyes, whenever I talk about skateboarding… :joy:

Hope she stays safe. She’s a keeper !


Guessing poor casting, unpure metal or just bad materials. They tried to cut expenses by making their own brand trucks, guessing with all the lawsuits and the refurbishing they wont be grabbing that much profit after all. I am impressed torqueboards trucks dont snap, we havent seen a single case so kudos for that.

It may not be poor casting or anything like that after all, if you look at the point they break its right where they add the mounting plate for the motor mounts. The process of doing that might have made the truck weaker due to extra heat or presure or what do i know.

@Lumaci Yes, you are right. The truck is circular, so they might use grub screws to keep the mounting plate from rotating. Maybe the engineers overlooked the stress, which is odd considering they should have enough funding and enough engineers at their disposal not to overlook something like this.

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Hi everyone,

I’m a lawyer who is well-aware of the broken truck issue with the Boosted Board V2. I am currently investigating this issue further, and evaluating a potential case against Boosted due to this issue. I would be interested in hearing more information from anyone who suffered a broken truck, or who has more information on the status of this petition. Safe rolling everyone.

you’re not going to get much response from this place or the .news forum since we care builders and don’t really used Boosted’s stuff. Go check out the Boosted Facebook group for people who had issues.