Boosted Board x3 Range extension (350Wh)

Here is my Boosted Board battery Extension. The goal here is to have reversible modifications that don’t require to drill or modify the ESC enclosure, and not worry about using a second charger, but just continue charging the board with the original charger.


  • Extend the Capacity of the original 99 Wh Battery up to 350 Wh.
  • Keep design as water resistant / splash proof as possible

This transforms the 4 Miles range which is now 12 Miles. (160 pounds / San Francisco hills / a lot of start/stop). Tell me what you think about it, and I’m open to suggestions !

UPDATE: Right now I’m looking into designing a more long term casing, and adding a water tight enclosure. I was thinking about using some kind of vacuum bag to protect from water and dust, that I could then recover using 3D printed shock absorbers.

IMG_20190411_174413 IMG_20190403_185442 IMG_20190403_190158
IMG_20190403_155606 IMG_20190403_170127 IMG_20190404_151348 IMG_20190403_185447 IMG_20190411_174446 IMG_20190411_174413

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Football bat

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You might want to edit the title and post. 1 kwh is 1000wh. What you are saying is your board is 350,000 wh! Thats 6 times the wh rating of a tesla roadster car. KILO means 1000x, ie kilometer being 1000m




is pretty dangerous shit. Never route balance wires close to sharp corners.

besides this, where is your xt60 plug connected? you opened up the stock battery?


I’ve also had issue in the past with making u bends in nickel strip. The high frequency vibration of bumps on the ground caused my nickel strips to work harden and become brittle and break. I’m definitely with Andy on potentially moving the cables out of the way.

If you’re looking to change out the head to toe u shaped nickel strips, another good tip is to get some fiber tape!! That stuff is great. When used in moderation you can really reduce the amount of flex that will occur in the middle of your pack and reduce the amount of work hardening on whatever connective material you use to conjoin them.

Were did you buy those cells? Because I see liitokala stickers on them :smile:

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Also… if you route to the ESC you can still charge w standard charger. That’s how I’ve set up my board and then I can swap packs out for additional range on the fly.

Thanks for the advice for the Nickel strips touching the charge cables, I need to secure that by replacing them with coper wire so they dont break. I added a picture/drawing to explain my electric connections. I dont have a picture inside the modified boosted battery but I soldered the female xt60 connector to the first and last batteries inside the pack. (The batteries I used are liitokala NCR18650B bought on Aliexpress, which I successfully tested for capacity)IMG_20190411_174413

@Poloace, Yes, the other Builds that inspired me all connect to the ESC. I had a spare 100Wh boosted battery and wanted all the changes to be reversible in case I want to switch back to stock board, also the same cables in the ESC are accessible directly form the battery. Besides that I really like the option of being able to switch the batteries as you go, but won’t that create a voltage difference with the stock battery and create a huge current until they balance out?