Boosted clone for sale + airless wheels *price update*

Hey guys. I’m trying to put some money together for a one whee XR. As you may know they are $1800. Crazy expensive. So I want to let go of a few things.

Price for the board is $600 shipped in the US.

I have a boosted clone which is pretty much a Experiement board that I just mess with when I have time. It’s currently got a boosted board battery on it. It does charge, it all works fine. I am not including a charger.

Boosted board standard range battery Aluminum pulley and steel motor pulley 15mm belt 97mm original flywheels The extra wife torqueboard trucks It’s a loaded vanguard deck which I skinned in cardbon fiber. I put some holes in it which I filled with epoxy and never felt like sanding down. It’s got an anti spark switch with 40amp fuse. Vesc-X with settings for a 12s lifepo4 battery Running sensored foc Has a Bluetooth module Lcd display which is not really accurate since it’s not running lithium ion anymore An extra electronics enclosure since the charge port and lcd display are not obselte Gt2b master cho mod remote 190 kv 6384 sk3 motor. Sensored Enertion motor mount

Not sure what I want for this yet so offers are welcomed.

Also have those airless wheels. Someone buy them. They have ceramic bearings.



how much is airless?

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$100? I paid $220.

Do you know any paris like truck that will fit those wheel? cuz i have circular mount. if so I can grab them from u

They’ll fit on any trucks with an 8mm axle. Idk who makes Paris mounts anymore but someone does for sure

sorry I meant the width thats wider than paris 194mm cuz the paris will have wheel bites i think?. I already have the mount.

btw u r making excellent choice of gettin 1wheel XR. I tried that other day and very fun. not super fast but perfect for commute.

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Oh could you also please measure axle length need for the airless tires?

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I he doesn’t get the wheels I got second

Hey I recognize that battery with the tiny scuff! Buy this people, that battery should have very little usage (still a long life left)

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205mm hangers by @dickyho

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Put some kegels on! its a boosted clone, and then sell me the Abecs for dirt cheap :crazy_face:

your board looks nice good luck with your sale.

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I will also have 223mm hanger, and 10.5 inch mountain board trucks next week.


I will be waiting!

Hey everyone! Wheels sold to one punch.

Any interest in the board? I’d like to sell it


Price - $600 shipped.

If I didn’t had spent all my money on a. new board then this would have been the perfect deal.

It is the perfect deal!

Someone help me buy an XR. Lol


thats sexy. :star_struck:

What is the current max speed and range of the board. Why are you not supplying the charger?

Because I still have a boosted board and I need the charger.

A range of 6 miles or so top speed of 20 mph

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