Boosted Clone I 6355 | Vanguard I Dual TB VESC I needs name

This will be my second build, and I am 6’2” and want a deck that fits me. My parts list is: Vanguard flex 1 (42”) TB 6355 190kv motors Dual TB VESC TB trucks @JLabs mounts 3x Zippy compact 4s Lipos @Eboosted enclosures Orangatang cagumas

I think that’s everything. I am starting to order the parts and am hoping to complete this build by December or January. If anybody has any thoughts or changes that they would make to this build, please tell me! I want this to be the best build possible. Also, this board needs a name, suggestions welcome!

Don’t forget wheels :smile:

:smile: thanks

I think you can use 10" Caliber trucks since you’re running 6355.

Definitely go with standard caliber trucks if your doing a boosted clone, the 218mm ones will be too wide.

You can for dual 6355 and 15mm belts with my new modular pulleys if your interested in those as well.

He could mean the narrow tb caliber clone. I don’t think many people use them however because of how well calibers are priced.

I was thinking about that, would your 6354 208kv motors fit your mounts better that TB?

This is easy. The name should be: JKlone F-1

… for obvious reasons, no?

Name: Jake Build: Loaded Clone Deck: Flex 1

That name is dope! :smile: