Boosted Domains for sale

About two months ago when I first learned about Boosted’s international shipping I put a second gen Duel+ on order. As many people know when you pay the Boosted deposit you get a referral code whereby anyone who uses it to reserve/buy one gets $100 discount plus you receive a $100 Visa gift-card. Seeing as every location where this link would be seen was becoming flooded with similar posts I had an idea; I bought some logical URLs/domains (see blow) and forwarded all web traffic to their site via my referral code. But, now that I’ve cancelled my Boosted and bought/ordered the Enertion Raptor Duel, I’m no longer qualified for referral commissions, so these URLs are not much use at present. (although Boosted are “considering” purchasing them)

  1. (in case someone miss-typed .com)

Would anyone like to make me an offer?


Damn… thats a good idea…


Last day for referrals! 7/21

How much you want for them?

money grows on trees :money_mouth:

Send me any offers via PM please.

Considering that trademarks require defending, boosted is being gracious by not simply suing you and taking them from you.

Sorry it doesn’t work quite like that dude @longhairedboy

“Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Simply because you have a registered trade or service mark, have a registered company name, or have been using a trade name for a lengthy period of time does not mean that another person with a legitimate reason for registering the domain and who uses it in good faith must give it up. One example of this is the Prince Sports case in which Prince Sports tried in vain to have the domain www. prince .com transferred from Prince Computers in the UK.”

How much did the URLs make for you in commission?

Nothing as I cancelled my Boosted order and was refunded my deposit. The referral code (and commissions) are only active for current orders.

I think what hes saying, is how many were you up to when you cancelled?

Smart idea.

i had a very long and drawn out argument based on obviousness that i deleted because this just isn’t worth arguing over and i hate arguing in public.

Good luck selling those domains. I can’t buy them from you though, Boosted would be on my ass the minute i updated the A records to point to my servers because unlike computers and tennis rackets, our products are seemingly in roughly the same market space.

I’ll start the bid at thuree dowllarz!