Boosted Dual+ Extended upgrades

What have you done with yours?

Anyone put Abec 11 Flywheels on there’s?

Serious loss in torque reported by someone once upon a time.

I am looking into replacing the original batteries with 10Ah (more than 4x the capacity) LiFePO4 Polymer Pouches. I’m asking @jacobbloy if he knows whether or not the 70/120Amp A123 26650 discharge is critical to the boards design. If I am correct, we can get away with 50/100Amp discharge so we can maximize our range without increasing our foot print. With that said, the additional battery capacity will cost you 5 lbs of weight.

So I will attempt this mod and report back. I am a little worried about the charging, but we’ll have to see.

Edit: Houston, we have a problem:

  • 12s1p A123 26650 Cells arranged as (26104195mm)
  • 12s1p Proposed Battery arranged as (25240260mm)

So it won’t just neatly fit into the old compartment. Which does suck. I wish their dimensions were accurate. Does anyone have a dead Boosted Board Battery enclosure they need to sell? I want to take the BMS out of it…

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@jacobbloy put mtb wheels on his.

Damn, they have a next-level battery pack. Modding that is a no go.

The “What’s inside” youtube show reveals the BMS. Its on an entirely different level than our DIY boards (I guess automotive engineers can do a lot better with time/resources). The cells are welded together in the 143 grid but the solder tabs also stick up vertically. The rests directly on top of the cells and attaches to these tabs thus creating a battery unit.

Adding/Replacing batteries to this unit is not going to work. If I could get my hands on a dead boosted board battery, I would try it. The can bus/communication is probably required for the board which is why other boosted battery mods just connect to the ESC side’s power leads.

I doubt the info Jacob has is correct. He has no idea. It would be cheaper and more logical to fit a 10S2P pack of 18650 2.5Ah cells. That equals it around 180Wh. Boosted usually rounds up a bit.

12S 10Ah cells will not fit under the board.

You’re making massive assumptions here. Please do some googling first before you make blind accusations.

I have connections with manufacturers from designing SAE Formula Cars in school. Long story short, I can get LiFePO4s in about every shape you could ask for in various capacities and draws. To only see batteries in cylindrical shapes is your downfall because of how much space they waste.

I just checked, even without direct manufacturer connects you can buy “LiFePO4 Polymer Pouches” on eBay, Alexiexpress, BatterySpace, etc.

To further prove my point, check out the below information I got from about 2.5minutes of surfing the first page of google.

Off the shelf Pouch Specs (8 Cells for $70):

Dimensions: 127x50x8.2 mm (3x, 2x, 2x for a total of 12s in the Boosted compartment of 26x102x260mm) Weight: 100g (24g or 32% increase in weight compared to A123 26650) Capacity: 3.3Ah (1Ah or 30% increase in capacity compared to A123 26650) Max. Charge Rate: 1C (or 3.3amp) Recommend Continuous Discharge Rate: 30C (99amp) Pulse Discharge Rate: 50C (165amp) Above charge/discharge are very similar to A123 cells for our purposes.

And in response to the first comment,

18650 cells are just as space wasting as 26650 cells. We chose to rely on them because they do not require any skills or prior knowledge to assemble. Their discharge rates may not be sufficient for the motors and since LiFePO4 chemistry has some short comings where density is concerned (very safe though), Jacobs battery specs make sense.

12 10Ah pouches will not fit in the same enclosure. Yeah 3.3Ah pouches will fit according to their dimensions.

Not sure why you think I can only think in terms of cylindrical batteries… But okay.

We’ll see what Boosted actually ended up putting in the extended range. 18650s are definitely easier to assemble. I think Boosted would continue to use cylindrical cells considering they struggle to maintain demands for orders even with the standard range.

If the compartment was not so fixed in shape (thanks to its fiberglass construction), we could actually have crammed the 10Ah cells into the foot print of the enclosure. Not necessarily into the current battery compartment.

I find polymer pouches are harder to regulate but much easier to produce. Given their strict QC, they’re doing quite well.

I’m going to be honest. I don’t see the point in doing all this work for a Boosted Board. If you want more range, I’d just developed a way to quick mount another parallel pack of A123s right next to the motor housing.

The appeal of the Boosted Board is its streamlined appearance. You’ve got to admit, they built a killer body. The battery unit is surprisingly well sealed.

If I were to pursue this further, I would create another 12s1p pack as you suggested and connect it to the main board by tapping into the flat braids under the grip tape, not by soldering it to the ESC as popular mods would suggest. The problem is again how the Boosted boards aesthetic is reduced. Honestly, I got the board for science. Now I’m selling it. I only wish I could get my hands on a Carbon GT next.

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Nice, let me know how you go.

I like the idea of the boosted board due to the amount of positive / lack of negative comments in respect to the battery sag and controller disconnection.

Just need a safe board after a recent faceplant lol

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I injured myself more on the GT than the Boosted in a matter of months/weeks. It’s a thrilling machine, but it has it’s quirks that some aren’t willing to tolerate. I sold it since I don’t need it for my commute to work anymore. Bought another Boosted and really missed the ease of use and weight.

Where are you based? Not sure their shipping the Boosted board to Sydney Australia yet…

I don’t know about australia but in NZ they have youshop which is a store based in the US that ships stuff to NZ. So if a product only ships to US we can use youshop. Maybe you have something similar?

Esk8 I watched all of ur vids and even saw you snap your evolve. Make more vids if u could!

What makes you think it’s on another level? It’s closed sourced, runs in BLDC, not FOC. I don’t see what’s better about it (other than possibly size). Sinosidol waves are just better than trapezoidal waves, which is why I think the vesc is better.