Boosted Extra battery pack

Hello guys, I have an old Boosted v1 that I opted not to mess with, and built myself a DIY. I love it, but I do miss using my boosted. I wanted to add an extra battery pack, the same way it is done here:

as to use the same stock charger. My question is, If I build a 6s1p pack using Lipo4 such as


or a 10s1p using these 2.

will it work? Im worried about the voltage, and if using the same BMS will end up frying it. If anyone has any suggestions on which cells to use, the idea is I want something POWERFUL (even if expensive), So I dont have to use 10 cells, I can buy 6 stronger ones.Not necessarily Lipo4, can be Lion. Wanted to build a pack like this: boosted the width of the board is about 24cm, so Either i can add 18650 3000mah, 10s1p, or maybe around 6s1p of the 32700, so the thickness of the board isnt affected as much.

Idea would be to add at least 10km to it. Board currently does about 6.4km in the top speed mode. Would build 2 of these and keep them with me for a swap.

Correction: Space in black will be an enclosure made specifically for the cells! will make it water proof as well.

That’s really not safe to do, the battery is just on the bottom with no protection.

The best way too do this would to top mount the batteries so nothing damages them, or create a enclouser.

I would create an enclosure! the space in black would be where it would be!

I was thinking of using either PVC or the sheets of fiberglass, never used the latter one before, but it Looks fun to do!

23 the Enclosure would be made with the intent of opening and closing it to swap the packs. I would give it a height of aprox 6cm, allowing 4.5cm of space for the cells. Black line represents the TOTAL enclosure area, with white representing the cell space. Sorry, the represention isnt very accurate, I Tried my best, With my measurements, but I hope it helps! ty all very much for taking time to respond to this!

PS: dont know if I would add a proper BMS to this pack, its just with Boosted, everything seems more complicated. I’ve never modded a board before, so Any coments would help! I tried to read as much as I could in the forums, but most projects were much more complicated then I intend to do, and Out of my ability as well! Putting batteries together, making an enclosure, checking the voltage, and connecting the cables is ok! making a BMS compatible with this is not hahaha.

Please note, as I am currently in Brazil, Access to batteries and Parts is limited, hence the use of aliexpress. My original DIY board stayed in the States, and my Boosted was able to make its way with me here.

Any updates on this project?

I bought several broken boosted v1 and looking into modding some in the way you want to.